Marmite and Irn Bru banned in Canada

Can you belive this! The Canadian authorities have banned Marmite and Irn Bru from being imported from The UK as they contain illegal substances.

I must admit I am not a Marmite lover (apart from the Crisps which you cannot seem to get anymore – unless you know of a source. The web is full of ex pats bemoaning the fact.

The full story can be found below

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Quote of the week

One of my fav lines and locos


From “Branch Line to Upwell” in the Middleton Press series of albums, describing the well known ex-Great Eastern steam (and finally diesel) tramway:

Rev. Teddy Boston, who moved to Wisbech in 1950, was a (sic) ardent railway enthusiast and often travelled on the footplate wearing his cassock and dog collar.  Charlie Rand recalled the occasion when Teddy shunted wagons into the middle siding beside Wisbech shed.  “He gave them such a wallop that they demolished the buffer-stops”.  The official explanation given to Station Master Rose was that the engine had slipped.  It would not have been in Charlie’s best interests to reveal that the Curate of St. Peter’s Church had been driving!

medium_3455766801I can remember Teddy Boston writing about his GWR layout in the Model Railway News in the late 1960’s.  But there is an added family interest as his brother, Rev. Billy Boston, was the vicar who married my parents in…

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Some Early Lines – Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea Railway

One for Great Eastern railway fans

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Some Early Lines

Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea Railwaywivenhoe show picture  (438)

An old” J ” Class Loco on the Wivenhoe to Brightlingsea run, Bill Sadler who runs the secondhand shop in station Rd. used to be Fireman on these Loco’s.

I was told that a commuter coming home from london to Brightlingsea, fell asleep and when the train slowed down to go over the iron bridge at Alresford Creek, he thought he had arrived at Brightlingsea. He opened the door to step out in the dark and fell headlong into the creek, he was rescued and lived to tell the tale.

 Brightlingsea railway station was located in Brightlingsea, Essex. It was on the single track branch line of the Wivenhoe and Brightlingsea Railway which opened in 1866 and closed in 1964.


The station building was located on the southern side of Lower Park Road where the town’s community centre now sits.


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