3mm Society

Terrier Choice

Decided on which Terrier I am going to build. Looking at the photos I have I have decided to do Bodiam the terrier which ran on the Kent & East Sussex. My mind was also made up when I picked up a print of the said loco on Wednesday when I did the judging for Croydon MRS.


2 thoughts on “Terrier Choice”

  1. I must say that is an excellent choice! It’s a lovely old machine, it has quite an unusually high bunker which should prove to make it that bit more challenging! Good luck, I look forward to following your progress! Out of interest, will you finish it in Kent & East Sussex Railway colours?

    1. Thanks. The kit is a 3mm reduction of the 4mm Albion Models kit. To make an A1x a cast saddle is supplied in 3mm you have to make you own so hence my choice of Bodiam as the kit can be made as is -lazy I know but rather like Bodiam. As for the livery have not decided yet.

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