3mm Society

Terrier started

A good day to start a new kit. I decided that now the bearings have arrived I would make a start on the chassis for the Terrier. The chassis is finely etched in nickel silver and was easy enough to cut away from the fret. After cleaning up the tabs, I started opening up the axle holes with a medium sized broach to enable me to be able to finish off using the one eighth broach. There is just about enough metal to fit one eighth bearings. Once the holes had been broached the bearings were soldered into place. As I am being traditional and driving the centre axle, once the bearings were soldered in I cut the inside tophat off on both to make clearance for the gearbox cradle (I am using branchlines 38:1 midline with a small mashima open frame motor). I had already soldered one spacer to one frame so if I do this again I will split the tophats before soldering the space on. Having soldered the rear spacer to both sides it was time to solder the front and this is where I came a cropper. Yesterday at Watford I brought from London Road Models there axle alignment jigs and having inserted these in started soldering the front spacer and you can probably guess what happened! Yes soldered it to the bearing – a few choice words were said but I eventually managed to get the aligning axles out (remember to grease next time)
and then I was able to put the chassis back in the vice and solder up. Society SQ wheels are inserted for show. A good afternoons work and here is the result;




I shall now go and soothe my asbestos fingers and make the tea.


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