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Reverend Wilbert Awdry and Me; A Tribute

Thomas the Tank legend!

Loco Yard


Today, 17 years ago, the Reverend Awdry passed away and people who have read his books, the Railway Series, will know how he inspired children to get into railways, and my story is no exception. As I mentioned in a previous post, I still have all of the books in my attic and my passion for railways as a whole is because of him.


The stories of Thomas the Tank Engine were first conceived in 1943 when his son, Christopher, was ill with measles and he wanted stories about trains. However; when Awdry was a young boy he lived very close to the Great Western Railway, with him hearing Box tunnel from his bedroom window at night. As a banking engine was required for freight trains, he later explained “There was no doubt in my mind that steam engines all had definite personalities. I would hear them snorting up the…

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