Mid Hants Railway Volunteer Recruitment Day

One day we will see the fruits of their labours.

Loco Yard

Good evening,


As many of you know I am currently a volunteer working on Canadian Pacific for the Mid Hants railway and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.  You can check out the Brookes Castle – Volunteer Diary to see my own experinces on the Mid Hants. Volunteers are the backbone of the Mid Hants Railway, without them there would be no trains running, no coaches to sit in, no stations to wait at and no track to run on.

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TPAS Conference

So we take astep back from the disco and look back at the day. Attended my first non conference today whereby the attendees gather in a room set the agenda and then focus on discussions rather like meeting speed dating but without the speed. Participants can set the questions for discussion and then those attending can gather and discuss the subject. 2 hours we covered at least 3 topics – a different approach. Whether this would work with residents I don’t know?



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Nice model

Ramblings of a funny man

I suppose I should apologise for the lack of activity recently – I have been mostly working on my car so railway time has been low. Since I got my hands on one of Hornby’s Push-Pull sets, however, I have been doing a little more. Here are some photographs I took:



I am now keeping headcode discs on both the engine and driving trailer and only swapping the lamp over as this is how I have seen it done in photographs.



I have also been running this as a 3 coach set with my other Second Open although the photograph I have showing 30053 with a 3-car Push Pull set at Lymington shows that both second opens had the plated-over lavatory windows, so that’s not strictly correct as my loose one doesn’t.

I also produced a neater way of adding the run-round extension that allows me to run 76069 and…

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