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Pick ups, a cautionary tail!

Useful for when I build my 1F

Nicks workshop mutterings

I have started building another locomotive to use on the club layout – Lakebank. This is a Jinty which is being made from a 3mm Society/ J M Models etched brass kit.
The chassis is compensated with a fixed rear axle. Drive is from a Mashima motor mated to a Branchlines 38:1 gearbox. I set the motor and gearbox up and had it running well. The chassis was soldered up on a jig using the coupling rods as guides. Using a set of Romford wheels the chassis ran freely. I then put on the Finescale wheels and gearbox, but without the final gear glued to the axle. After a bit of adjustments to the quartering and a touch of lubricant to the horn guides the wheels were running freely. I then glued the gear wheel and attached fly leads to the motor. On the test bed the chassis went well…

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Lakebank mk2 scenery update

Food for thought scenery wise

Nicks workshop mutterings

Progress has been made on the hill and banking at the back of the layout. Initially a framework was laid using card formers to produce the contours-‘eggboxing’.

This was then covered in a muslin stuck down using a standard glue gun;


This framework was then covered in strips of green paper towel soaked in and stuck of with diluted PVA. The strips were laid in a criss-cross fashion. Once dry it forms a firm shell on to which the various grass and vegetations can be stuck.


We have also been working on the road surface for the lane going over the plate girder bridge and up the hill.The base is card. This was painted with light earth coloured masonry paint. While still wet polyfilla was sieved onto the paint. When dry the excess was removed and then the surface is built up with washes of dilute acrylic paint.


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Martins Road – update

I had a spare couple of hours yesterday afternoon so went about marking out the trackplan. 3 points, 1 yard of track later, I marked out a very rough plan on wallpaper. This gave me good idea of where the baseboard joint is and how much space I have. I deliberately used the 2 foamboard for the space as they are 2″ shorter giving me 48″ inches and a couple of inches narrower. The method of construction is to put the track on the foamboard and then glue the foamboard onto the ply. WIT point control will be used. The plan is to have the track and something running for August – we shall see.


The Daffodil Fields and the Railway

A story fit for a King!

Locksands Life

Not far from where I live there is a garden centre. Once upon a time it was called a nursery and it was famed for its daffodil fields.


And what a fine sight they still made into the 1970s.Towards the end of daffodil growing, it became a ‘pick your own’ business. But earlier, blooms had been taken to the local railway station and loaded on trains to take them up to London. I learned about this when I was out steam train spotting back in 2000.

I had gone to see a King class loco on a special train which was due to pull into a loop and take on water. This was where the old daffodil station had been.

I was not alone. A group of us waited at the bridge and amongst them was an older lady I knew. She described the dawn rising in the season, the…

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My Day

Today I had a Colonoscopy. I spare you the grisly details, but suffice to say I have to wait for my results. I hope they will be ok.

Interesting to compare hospitals. The PRU where my aunt is is modern, the staff miserable on her ward. Mayday is run down in need of a good revamp and the the people of Croydon do not have a good  word to say about it. However I beg to differ. I have always had good treatment their and the staff are very caring. So thank you for today, hopefully I will not be seeing you for awhile – but who can tell?


Taff Vale locomotive goes home for the day

Cardiff has Brains! Right idea

National Railway Museum blog

“You should have come in earlier, we had a locomotive outside”. The barman at ‘Mischief’s Café Bar’ who served our coffees was talking to one of his daytime regulars. This was near the Coal Exchange on Cardiff Docks. The Coal Exchange is in the area of Cardiff that is an alarming mash-up of the grand buildings of renewal and the faded grandeur of buildings from when the city was the hub of the British coal trade (and in days of Empire, that meant most of the world).

TVR28 in 1926 DS140198 is a TVR loco at West Yard Works 6/8/1926 just before it closed. Over the wall is the outline of the Coal Exchange.

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