Reblog from High Level

Hello All,


This ongoing thread is an informal way of letting folk know what I’m up to. I won’t be going over the back catalogue so much as giving details, with pics, of new stuff as it nears completion – or anything else that may be of interest. You can get more specific info from the website at: http://www.highlevelkicast

In view of the fact that High Level produce gearboxes, chassis kits, bogies and chassis components, as well as complete etched kits, Kitbuilding and Scratchbuilding seems to be the most appropriate section in which to post details of current developments.

Chris Gibbon. 

Latest chassis, ready in 2-3 months – LNER/BR J72, fully compensated, correct brakegear for this type, suitable for all Mainline/Bachmann bodyshells but offering infinitely better running. In due course we may will produce a separate kit for the short-bunker J72s (BR 68670-89) which had a totally different chassis.

Latest new full Loco Kit, ready in 2-3 months – North Staffordshire Railway battery engine BEL2, as preserved in the National Collection. Fully compensated, high reduction 4WD, lots of lost wax detail castings.



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