Bridging the gap

The first go

Kirkmellington - a journey into EM

A night well spent at Risborough club this evening, two trial builds completed for the road over rail bridge intended for the fiddle yard exit. The first build looked terrible but highlighted a way forward. The second build, seen here looks more promising and will be used for evaluation over Christmas. These engineering prototypes are made from mounting card (£2.99 for an A2 sheet at The Range) but once a design has been settled on, will be replaced by plywood.


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Building bridges

More bridges

Kirkmellington - a journey into EM

Quite a few of the collieries in Ayrshire had a combination of shallow adits and deeper shafts into the coal seams. We don’t have the space on Kirkmellington for the shallow adit itself but a bridge over the railway to it can be used and is a useful scenic break to hide the fiddle yard. This type of arrangement was common and the coal tubs would have been worked by hand or horse from the tunnel to the processing buildings.

Last night saw the construction of the base bridge deck. Plastruct truss section has been used as the main, outer girders with a smaller section trusses used internally as the spacers and diagonal bracing. Small H section plastic has the been used over this as the bearing structure for the track and wooden deck.

To ensure size and shaper were maintained, I used a plywood former, cut & marked to…

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“Back to black” Hawksworth 15xx pannier 1501

I know GWR! But a lovely loco all the same

Loco Yard


This little character is Hawksworth’s 15xx pannier tank courtesy of the Severn Valley railway. It might look small but it can pack a fair punch, on a visit to the Severn valley some time ago it hauled a very full eight coach passenger train! On the GWSR however it coped adequately well with our six coach trains and 12 vehicle (I think) freight train.

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