Trip to Folkestone

My wife and I took a trip to Folkestone on Sunday to see friends of ours. Good trip down on the M20 in the Smart car also without the satnav although I did cheat on the last bit as was not quite sure of where we were at.

Went for lunch at the Black Bull which is part of the Hungry Horse chain – lovely meal of mixed grill and Eton Mess in aknickerbocker Glory glass for good measure. Also tried some Stella Artois Cidre – very nice! After the meal being such a nice day our friends took us down to the harbour – a visit to the pub produced a pint of Wadworth Churchill bitter of which two were consumed in the sunshine. Boy they grow the seagulls big down there! They seem to have no fear – pinching chips and divebombing tourists when they can.

Folkestone like many seaside towns on the Kent coast seems to be in terminal decline. The harbour station and branch have been abandoned and no ferries depart for France – I dare say the Chunnel tunnel has a lot to answer for!

Anyhow a good day had by all- a few pics below





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