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Dad and son time – A trip to North Norfolk

Saturday saw Richard and I venture off into deepest North Norfolk, first to Horsey and the to Happisburgh.

Horsey windpump was a bit of a disappointment as the sails had been removed for restoration however we went to the top and got a good view of the surrounding countryside.

After a spot of lunch Richard and I made our way to Happisburgh. Parking in a field near the lighthouse we came across the Owl barn with lots of baby owls on display, to hold and photograph, an unexpected bonus and Richard took some lovely owl photos. On then to the lighthouse and after parking up off down to the beach. Typically deserted but lovely all the same, signs of the coastal erosion taking place we’re every where. There was even wheat growing on the edge of the cliff near the farmers field!


One other discovery was an old pill box, one of two situated near the lighthouse, surprisingly of brick construction where as those in the fields near Yarmouth are concrete.



Many have been bricked up but this one is still open hence the photo above viewing the lighthouse.

Finally to the lighthouse it’s self.



The two cottages are a bit of a mystery at the foot of the lighthouse. I guess they had two keepers at one time, I wonder if they both talked to each other? A job I guess you had to get on with each other being so isolated.


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