The Mid-Hants Autumn Steam Gala 2014

Saw the steam and cars on the way through to Weymouth Saturday on the A31

Loco Yard

2014 Autumn Steam Gala Watercress Line - Ropley - Ex-LMS Black 5MT 45379In summary, I have to say that the Watercress Line held a a fantastic steam gala last weekend.  With four Great Western visiting locomotives ranging from the mighty Castle to the tiny 14xx class supplemented by the railway’s home fleet, there was non-stop steam action.

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Brenda Kirby: an inspiration to volunteers and civic life

She will be sorely missed.

Inside Croydon

Last week, a service to celebrate the life of Brenda Kirby was held at Croydon Minster. The former teacher, councillor and Mayor of Croydon had served New Addington for much of her life. Over the past four years, through her courageous battle with cancer, she established a local charity to ensure that others with the disease might benefit from care closer to their homes.

The eulogy at the service was read by TIMOTHY GODFREY, and we reproduce an edited version here as our tribute

Brenda Kirby: a lifetime of service to the people of New Addington and Croydon Brenda Kirby: a lifetime of service to the people of New Addington and Croydon

Brenda met her husband Bob while working for the overseas telegraph service. They were both working permanent nights and used to spend their break time at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. As Brenda pointed out to me, it was where the more interesting people worked.

Brenda and Bob married in 1965 and they…

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3mm Society, Railway

Epitaph. – Martins Road is no more

Sad news – I have had to take up the foamboard base of Martins Road as it has lifted so the track is bouncing up and down all over the place.

My own silly fault as I had not glued it down properly and thus the problem – so all my work down the pan.

There were also elements which would not have worked, too sharp radius curves out of the fiddle and also too straight.

Nevermind back to the drawing board – got till next October.

3mm Society, 7mm, Railway

Croydon Model Railway Society Exhibition

I had the honour and privilege of being asked to help out at Croydon MRS exhibition at Warlingham school last weekend. A very enjoyable weekend and say it quietly but I was helping out on a 016.5 layout Bodgit & Much Pottering owned by that nice Mr. Cameron (no not the prime minister, but him of St.Reatham fame). The layout ran like a dream c/w sequence timetable so could not go far wrong really.

Here are some photos

IMG_20141004_163316 IMG_20141004_163334 IMG_20141004_163357 IMG_20141004_163528 IMG_20141004_163509 IMG_20141004_163437 IMG_20141005_153859 IMG_20141005_153939

I am sure you will agree some very nice modelling. It was amazing the number of people who commented on the trees which are made from real wood. Brian says he prefers real wood as it gives a more realistic affect.

So what layouts were there?

First off we have West Croydon which won best layout in show


Then a little further down the line we have Waddon by Wimbledon MRC

SUNP0021 SUNP0022 SUNP0023 SUNP0024

And N gauge on an ironing board

SUNP0025 SUNP0026 SUNP0027 SUNP0028 SUNP0029 SUNP0030 SUNP0031

And then the big stuff – Eatonswell O gauge Great Eastern


This was its last show as the layout was up for sale, a bargain at £750(if only!) no stock or trestles.

There was also a lovely Cambrian layout the name of which escapes me (Mr. P?)

SUNP0002 SUNP0003 SUNP0004 SUNP0005 SUNP0006 SUNP0007 SUNP0008 SUNP0009 SUNP0011

Finally some 3mm – Lyndhurst

SUNP0052 SUNP0051 SUNP0054 SUNP0055 SUNP0058 SUNP0057 SUNP0056 SUNP0065 SUNP0071 SUNP0072 SUNP0068 SUNP0066 SUNP0062

And a bit of 009 by Ian Kirkwood

SUNP0047 SUNP0046 SUNP0045 SUNP0044

All in some good layouts and sorry to those I missed. But just to show for exhibition managers you do get to play sometimes

IMG_20141005_130848 IMG_20141005_130901

Well done Mr.P