Probably the Worst Kit in the World…

True words – you buy a kit of a particular prototype and end more else scratchbuilding!

Max Stafford's Kennel



Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the extremely long-running saga of the Caley Jumbo 0-6-0 which occasionally (dis)graces these pages.

After a long and protracted campaign which started at the end of 2009, I have somehow got this thing to a point where it has a chassis with wiper pick-ups that is notionally capable of running under power now, Not withstanding this, for every single bit of forward progress this model makes, there is a violent reaction from it. Every time this happens, I sit and try to work my way to the problem which is why I’ve got to the stage where it is capable (sort of) of running on static test rollers. And so tonight, it runs with all the elegance of a bulldog with a leg missing…

With the body on, it’s still somewhat hesitant to move which I’m happy to put down…

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