Midlife sleeping rules

For all those who suffer disturbed sleep


stick_figure_sleeping_1600_wht_5121Sleep problems often arise when you reach your 50s and can become a real problem in your sixties when about 50% of people struggle to get to sleep or  stay asleep in the early hours.

And at times like Xmas when we can all get a bit stressed or eat and drink more than we normally do it can stop us getting good quality sleep.

Sleep expertDr Guy Meadow set out some advice in the Times a short while ago which is worth repeating:

Don’t go to bed too early. Because you go out less you probably go to bed earlier. You might try going to bed later after having a bath or reading so you feel really tired

Don’t drink alcohol before sleep. Alcohol is a sedative but it also disturbs sleep and can arouse your body increasing your heart rate, your sweating, and dehydration.


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Another supermarket to open up, but on wrong side of tracks

And you thought it was Tescos taking over the World!

Inside Croydon

Clearly, we all need a new Sainsbury’s supermarket in Croydon. We don’t have enough supermarkets, or the “Local” or “Express” versions, dotted around the borough’s high streets already, sucking in as much business as they possibly can, assisted by the big corporations’ purchasing power, to the detriment of independent traders.

Handy for the trams: the new Sainsbury's Local at No1 Croydon Handy for the trams: the new Sainsbury’s Local at No1 Croydon

And we especially need a new Sainsbury’s Local built into the side of No 1 Croydon,  in the middle of a busy roundabout junction, the wrong side of the tram tracks from the now derelict East Croydon Post Office.

After all, the new store is almost 200 whole yards away from the next nearest branch of Sainsbury’s down George Street.

There’s another Sainsbury’s store within another couple of hundred steps, which is allowed to open from 7am to 11pm  at the top of Surrey Street, to do its bit…

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