Sir Winston Churchill’s Final Journey

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Watercress Railway - Alresford - Battle of Britain Class - 34051 Sir Winston ChurchillToday marks 50 years since the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.  On 30th January 1965, Bulleid Battle of Britain class 34051 had the honour of hauling the deceased Sir Winston Churchill on his last journey from London Waterloo to the famous statesman’s final resting place in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire.  The locomotive wore disc codes in a simple V for Victory formation (as above) with a train of Pullman carriages and Churchill’s coffin in southern Railway’s parcel van S2464S.  The below video shows some selected original material from British Pathé of the funeral.

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The Last Englishman is Laid Low

NRM tribute to a great man

National Railway Museum blog

This is a guest post written by Associate Curator of Railways, Russell Hollowood.

At 7am on 24 January 1965, Sir Winston Churchill’s immediate family gathered around the great man’s death bed, and by 8am the BBC had broadcast the news of his death to a waiting world. The effect on the world’s media was electric; however, the reaction of government officials was a model of calm efficiency.

It fell to the ‘modernising’ Harold Wilson to lead the nation in official morning for the loss of a giant from what must already have seemed like another age. It fell to the ‘modernising’ Harold Wilson to lead the nation in official morning for the loss of a giant from what must already have seemed like another age.

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The Tender Behind (and other stories)

A build list – a good idea

Max Stafford's Kennel



With the main loco body essentially complete, attention turns to the back half of the loco. Again cast buffers from my favourite source have been fitted and a drawhooks will also be fitted. As the old Bachmann tender comes it has a load of moulded and rather uninspiring faux ‘coal’ load which I’ve removed by careful scoring with a scribing tool. So that it didn’t look like a full load of coal in the tender, I’ve further doctored the ‘inside’ of the tender to a profile approximate to what would actually be inside this type of vehicle. Not having seen inside an LNER 4200 gallon type, I can’t vouch for the overall correctness of the way I’ve angled it, but since it’s going to be hiding under a part load of coal it shouldn’t be too obviously out!

I’ve also been looking at my intended ‘new build’ programme for this…

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A Frosty Morning

The beauty of winter

Locksands Life

I live in a part of the UK which has, so far, been pretty well snow free this winter. OK, we have had a few flurries, but never (as yet) anything that looked likely to settle.

Now circumstances change views. I have a cousin who dreads the white stuff. She has to drive to work and is understandably fearful of the journey. My wife and I are retired and I suppose could say we don’t have to do anything. We could certainly survive without having to use a car – for quite a long while from our own provisions and, assuming roads stayed passable, there is a grocery store, butchers, a chemists shop and a Post Office stores in the village. We could live! So by and large we see snow as a potential source of joy, wonder, and beauty.

So we feel that as yet we have been denied…

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