Five Shunter Challenge Pt3.3: Comprehending Compensation

Some good tips on compensated chassis building

Grasslands Models

This time we continue the discussion about my plans to build these five kits with compensation. As with all things in life, there are a number of different ways to fit a compensation system and the five shunters being built require quite different approaches. Today we will look at the compensation system for the three Judith Edge kits.

Judith Edge kits can be built rigid or they can take two different types of compensation. They include etch lines for horn blocks (see the DJH BR 02 in the next blog entry) and they include their own ‘balance beam’ compensation system.

How do I build the balance beams?
I must admit that it has been the balance beam compensation that deterred me from building my Judith Edge kits for so long, as I just couldn’t comprehend how to put the beams together. I didn’t find the instructions that helpful in this regard (I’m a…

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