Spoiler Alert:  Ted 2 Movie Trailer Review

Ted is back


America’s favorite beer-battered stuffed animal is back in theaters soon, which will be Seth MacFarlane’s second big-screen crack at animating a character that doesn’t sound exactly like Peter Griffin.

The first installment of the series added Ted’s name to a growing list of other famous character bears including:  Fozzie, Winnie, Teddy, Smokey, Yogi, and one of these names is not like the other.

Ted 2 Trailer


The plot of the trailer is kind of complicated, but basically, Ted gets married and wants to make a baby. Unfortunately, and for the sake of the trailer plot, and because stuffed bears statistically have a lower sperm count than standard bears do, Ted must convince Mark Wahlberg to donate a dollop of his juice.  Since Marky’s already good at taking off his pants in public it’s no surprise he enthusiastically enlists to help save Ted.  At the end of the scene however, our Mr. Good…

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