Nook Horton Works

So the ‘main’ shed is painted and weathered, and once I plonked it down I decided to add to it! As for the secondary shed I have decided to develop it a little further and add a visible interior, simply a work bench and some sacks for now, but the shed will be removable so I can switch the interior around each show, will be good for kids who may notice, may even change interiors around mid-show.

techicolour Once I had the shed painted I realised how lacking in detail the door was, though I am pleased with the effect I have achieved with layers of washes and dry brushing cheap acrylics

hinged And so some extra bits liven up the frontage, bit of paint and this is done, ready to be glued down and grounded in

bothsheds The two buildings giving an idea of the final scene – I have since cut…

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