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Thought for the day: “The first to apologise is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.” 


Five things you can do to be happier right now

Too true


Most people are wrong about the things that will make them happy.  Professor Paul Dolan, speaking at the Hay Festive, said it’s actually quite simple.  I’ve adapted them for model railway use – I think they still work!

  1. Listening to a favourite piece of music – Add sound to your locomotive.  Or just make sure music is available in your railway room.
  2. Spending five more minutes with someone you like – Attend more model railway club meetings and exhibitions.  (That assumes you actually like the other members).
  3. Going outdoors – Garden railway, anyone?
  4. Helping someone else – Working together on a modelling project is (usually) fun.  And passing on ones experience in modelling (but only when asked) is always most satisfying.
  5. Having a new experience – Build something in a new scale, or from a new railway company, or from another country – but without giving up your main interests.

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BR Class 04 Diesel Tram at Speed: Day 4

Another fav loco

Grasslands Models

On Sunday I completed my Drewery Class 04 tram. I sanded down some of the filler applied previously and fitted some loop couplings to the buffer beams. I also made up some three-link couplings and fitted a protection plate to the front and rear cowcatchers.

The original Bachmann whistle was filed down And fitted onto the front of the cab. Later versions of these trams had double horns fitted.

I fitted hand rails to the cab using split pins, which was quite a fiddly job. The original placement of the hand rails on the brass cab sides did not appear to be correct, so I adjusted them by filling in the previous holes and drilling new ones.

The final task was to create a mounting for the chassis. To do this I used some long bolts and drilled pilot holes into the plastic supports that are glued into the body.

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Surprise Steam

Hope to see this next week

Loco Yard

Good evening,

Wednesday was the first Dorset Coast Express of the season which ran from London Victoria to Weymouth and was hauled by Tangmere. For the last couple of years I traditionally photograph the first one of the season at Eastleigh on the way to work on 35005. However this year I was going to miss it as I won a competition on twitter to go see the Railway Children stage show at London’s Kings Cross theatre. It was on the way home from the show I noticed some steam enthusiasts walking around Waterloo. It was then I discovered that Tangmere was actually coming to Waterloo rather than Victoria on the return leg. So a quick walk over to platform 16 and a couple of minutes later a “green dragon” arrived.

Just time a few quick photos were taken before I had to make my way to catch my train…

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