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Page & Overton

Overtons’ Yard, Page and Overton’s Brewery 


Croydon has a history of brewing that dates back to the 16th century. Page and Overton’s Brewery was formed in 1892 when Nathaniel Page joined forces with Frederick Overton, owner of the Royal Oak Brewery in Surrey Street. £100,000 was spent in 1929 on enlarging the brewery premises and installing additional plant.

A report compiled in 1932 outlines the improvements made to the plant, the bottling machine being described as a ‘real marvel’, filling and crowning bottles at a rate of 300 dozen per hour. The Page and Overton Company became one of the oldest and largest industries in Croydon, before being closed in 1954. It had its own maltings in Church Road, and wells for extracting water for brewing. The malt houses survived until the early 1970s and the only building standing today is at No.8 Overton’s Yard. This brick granary, dating from 1880, has been well restored as Granaries Nightclub.

 I Text and images – Croydon Online


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