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Loco Yard

scotsGood evening,

Tonight is just a quick look at a certain locomotive I went to see last weekend. The Flying Scotsman was hauling a lunch train from Salisbury to Southampton and back. I took my place on a bridge just outside of Southampton Central and waited for her to arrive soon with members of the general public who had come out to see the A3 legend. Waiting for over an hour in the pouring rain I discovered the general publics love for this locomotive can’t be underestimated. She turned up 10 minutes late due to trespassers up the line and trundled past, sadly for me at this point me and my camera were very waterlogged so my photo wasn’t very good. I plan to catch her again later in the year and hopefully the weather will be better.

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Robbed Norwood charity sends thanks to community donors

Inside Croydon

An appeal from a Norwood lunch club to replace stolen food and equipment has hit its target in less than 24 hours – thanks in part to a donation from one local businessman who read about the charity’s plight on Inside Croydon.

Charity manager Karen Jewitt out campaigning recently with Sadiq Khan Charity manager Karen Jewitt out campaigning recently with Sadiq Khan

Yesterday, we reported that the South Norwood and Woodside Community Association, off the High Street, had been victim of a break-in which had emptied its freezers and fridges of more than £500-worth of food intended for the elderly and adults with learning difficulties who use the venue for meetings and meals through the week.

By this morning, the online appeal had exceeded its £750 target by £100.

“I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and strangers towards our lunch club,” Karen Jewitt, the Labour councillor who manages the charity’s lunch club, told Inside Croydon.

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A Tornado hits Redhill!


Friday, and I’m back at the same spot in Redhill, waiting for the replica Peppercorn A1 Pacific ‘Tornado’ to pass through.  It’s an interesting comparison to the Scotsman, and is a larger locomotive with a boiler that barely leaves room for chimney and dome.

60163 Tornado is a mainline steam locomotive built in Darlington, England.  Completed in 2008, Tornado was the first such locomotive built in the United Kingdom since Evening Star, the last steam locomotive built by British Railways in 1960.  It is the only example of an LNER Peppercorn Class A1 locomotive in existence, the entirety of the original production batch having been scrapped without preservation.  The locomotive’s namesake is the Panavia Tornado, a combat aircraft flown by the Royal Air Force.

And very impressive it is too…..




Behind was a long train of Pullmans and modified Mk1 coaches.  It was a long train, that was too long…

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7mm, Railway

Penpoll Quay

As some of you may know I have a penchant for O gauge. One layout that caught my eye at Northolt was Penpoll Quay and Southern/Western region layout in the China clay area of the South west. A lovely Beattie Well tank was running along with a GW Pannier. Very nicely modelled and I particularly liked the Cameo scene.

Here are the photos

3mm Society, Railway

Addison Park

Today had the honour of being able to operate Phil Hutchings, Addison Park at Northolt show. Addison Park is a 3mm scale layout of the London Underground system in the 1950’s. The layout drew a lot of interest from the public who also showed a wide knowledge/memories of LT as it use to be and the type of stock used on different tune lines. Although of simple design, the layout requires a fair bit of concentration to operate. A good day was had by Mr P and myself and thanks to Phil for the privilege of being able to operate the layout.

Here are the pictures 


Board yet?

Ouse Valley Modeller

First up I want to clear something up after getting a couple of messages and emails wondering if I had got rid of Herstmonceux. No I haven’t sold or selling Herstmonceux. No it isn’t retired, only to be brought out of retirement in a few years. Herstmonceux has invites to shows over the next few years and I’m still working on stock and a new timetable for Herstmonceux plus I have a few items to add to the scenery at some point.

Work has however continued on Tarring Neville. The lighting rig is finished and has had a coat of paint along with the baseboard.

The lighting rig sits on top of the fiddle yard with dowels that sit inside the supports. There are three altogether which are marked in the picture, two sit in the same place as the clips. The two clips are sprung latches and these hold…

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