Pokemon Go Deaths

Oh dear

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Gotta catch them all..or die trying.. Below are the top 3 unapologetic deaths that have not happened while playing Pokemon Go… yet.

Fast Food Worker Flash Fried To Death

Greenwood, Indiana

One hot & humid July afternoon, Billy Maple was doing what Billy Maple does best – manning the fry station at the local McDonald’s making load after load of golden fried, goodness. One lunch break, things took a turn for the worst…

Coworker Helga Hucklebee had finally gotten her hands on an IPhone and heard a rumor that Pokemon was back and better than ever. With promises of fame & fortune that surely await the first soul to catch 150 of those littlefuckers, Helga decided to get a head start on her Pokemon career, she decided to double dip on the clock; she decided to play at work.


At 3:17 PM a wild Snorlax appeared in…

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Loco Yard

USA Tank 30064 and Q1 class resize

Specially for our (almost) wordless Wednesday we have a picture of an unusual double header!  USA dock tank 30064 pilots a Bulleid Q1 class Austerity locomotive.  The “yankee tank” is preserved on the Bluebell Railway, but has been out of service for some time.  The plan is to give 30064 a cosmetic restoration and use it on a rolling road demonstration in the railway’s Accessible Steam Heritage (ASH) Appeal.  Details of this and information of how to donate can be found in the below link:


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Reorganisation of works.

Good work

Max Stafford's Kennel


Over the last week or so I’ve been busy WITH rather than in the shed.

It was in urgent need of new roof felt, having been put up in 2008 and not having had any attention since and in any case, the interior was so cluttered and untidy that it had ceased to be a good place to work.

Therefore, having two weeks off has allowed me to repair the roof and completely reorganise the inside. It’s certainly made a difference to the working environment and it’s once again an enjoyable place to be.

My companion is very enthusiastic about her own specific facilities upgrade!


The outside still needs a fresh coat of paint too but that’s a task for the weekend, all being well.

Meantime, there’s work to be done inside and the improved environment has definitely had an effect on productivity. It’s so much nicer to work in…

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Family Activities on a Steam Railway!

Loco Yard

Copyright M Esau girl

Looking for something to keep the kids amused? Why not pop along to the Watercress Line on 30th and 31st July for a ride behind a steam engine and stop at Ropley for a Family Workshop, at no extra cost!  We will give you a tour around the viewing galleries, locomotive yard and inside both the carriage and boiler shops, whilst there are hands on bridge building, science and craft activities in the Education Room. This is all available to those presenting their standard fare ticket.  We look forward to seeing you!

See http://www.watercressline.co.uk/product.php/70/family-workshop-days for more!

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News round-up (3), 2016

New build including the Unknown Warrior watch for a 3mm Patriot kit in the near future

New Build Steam

45551 The Unknown Warrior

The above video gives an engaging walk-through – at times literally – of the Patriot and developments on it following its return to Llangollen in March and going up to early June. This in-depth engineering update covers some of the same material, and brings some items further up todate. Brief highlights only will be summarised here.

Components across the locomotive are in the full range of stages, from design to completion. The cylinder liners have now been machined, after previously reported casting difficulties, and are shown here ready to be shrunk into the cylinders. The front buffer beam has been removed to facilitate this. Design work, meanwhile, is still continuing on the lubrication pipe runs and inside valve gear – in the latter case, a full set of drawings is not held by the project and research continues on the exact position of the trailing…

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Railway, Railway days

Black 5 

On Sunday on the way down to Weymouth I popped into the Mid Hants to see what was on offer in both the model shop and s/hand bookstall at Alresford. 

2 book purchases later (suitable donation) the Black 5 made an appearance on a service train and was in good voice.

The fireman when uncoupling made taking off the hoses look so easy although he had to get the driver to ease up as the screw coupling was taut.

Happy days.


Larkrail 2016

Today’s road trip took me from Weymouth to Bath to visit Larkrail at the New Oriel Hall near to the Titfield Thunderbolt bookshop run by Larkrails organiser Simon Castens and very nice it was too. Here are the photos


A good show