A Growly Glesga Dug!

Max Stafford's Kennel


Whilst I psyche myself up to tackle the Gibson wheels on the Austerity and re visit the errant chassis on the Barclay, I decided I would finally make a start on one of the Judith Edge diesel shunter kits that have sat in my stash for six years now. I chose to go for the NBL diesel hydraulic, one of the later, more boxy style, seen from D2708 onward. These were further developed and the kit represents the later variant from D2745 on.

I’ve long entertained a big soft spot for these machines which although small are big in personality as the clip below ably demonstrates.


Quite possibly, the growliest, snarliest wee shunters on the system and full of character, most Scottish yards of any significance had one stashed away somewhere so as plans beyond Project 77 feature a representation of a Glasgow yard, there is a requirement for…

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Christmas Past and 2017 future

Well Christmas has passed a quiet one it has to be said.

As for 2016 – I cannot say I will be sorry to see it go. With so many celebs gone this year the world has become a lesser place for there passing.

In saying that I would like to wish all my blog followers a happy 2017 and wish you good health and happiness throughout.



News round-up (5), 2016

Did not know there are so many new build projects

New Build Steam

6880-at-warley-3 6880 at Warley – photos by Tim Easter, courtesy of the 6880 Society.

6880 Betton Grange
Betton Grange was in Birmingham over the last weekend in November, for display at the Warley Model Railway Exhibition. It was displayed with the copper cap to its chimney, brass whistles and safety valve bonnet, Grange 80 headboard and express lamps, all fitted once on site.

2999 Lady of Legend
Piping is the major focus of work on the Saint at present – or, as the latest news update puts it, “the many fiddly bits that take up a lot of time without a great deal to show for it.” The boiler from ‘Barry Ten’ member 2861 remains in the frames temporarily, as a template for the pipework.

45551 The Unknown Warrior
The Patriot project has published both a final engineering update for the year, and a message from chairman David Bradshaw, the…

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The quay fiddle yard and wiring takes shape

Good work

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

With the Christmas festivities out of the way for another year, I turned my attention the last couple of days to the fiddle yard and wiring for Canute Road Quay.

A package arrived from Tim Horn the week before Christmas that contained a 1ft x 1ft baseboard specially manufactured with the baseboard top dropped by 4mm to accommodate the depth of the loco cassettes from my Fisherton Sarum layout.  Yesterday I made a start on putting the fiddle yard together.

The Tim Horn laser cut fiddle yard baseframe is assembled, painted and affixed to the main board The Tim Horn laser cut fiddle yard baseframe is assembled, painted and affixed to the main board

The kit from Tim is designed to have three full height sides but I wanted to modify this and also cut out a section of the front face to accommodate the little control panel and also the DIN 5 pin socket for the controller.
Hopefully the picture left will explain all, after allowing…

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Links to end 2016


If you, like me, are still working off the Christmas Day turkey (or cod for our Scandinavian readers….),  here are a few links to read.

First the Southern Railways epic fail award #1.  If you can’t get it right on rails, what chance of success have you on the road?

Rail road chaos: Southern Rail train causes delays after lorry carrying it gets stuck


By all accounts, it was all more good natured than the railways – the lorry got a round of applause once it had freed itself and moved on.

Secondly, from that select publication, the North West Evening Mail….

Driver gaffe led to two-hour delay on South Lakes train

UNDER-FIRE bosses at a train company have been left red-faced after finally admitting a South Lakes service was delayed for two hours – because the driver left his conductor stranded on a platform.  Commuters travelling on the Northern…

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Hornby Masterclass Peckett W4 R3427

Lovely model

Albion Yard

Hornby W4 Peckett R3427 R3428 R3429 Hornby W4 Peckett
R3427 R3428 R3429 Perhaps the phrase of the latter half of this year regarding a few ready to run locomotive releases has been ‘gamechanger’. Go back a couple of years or so and there’s no way you’d have thought that sobriquet could be applied to any product from Dapol, but their 7mm scale 350HP Class 08 has certainly got people talking, and importantly, buying! The announcement last year by Hornby of the intention to produce a Peckett industrial tank also generated significant interest.

Hornby W4 Peckett R3427 R3428 R3429 Hornby W4 Peckett
R3427 R3428 R3429 A few years back their Industrial Sentinel Diesel was very well received, even allowing for it sitting in the Railroad range and at the bargain end of the basement. Just occasionally we do get the release into the wild of something that has the potential to make people think differently about modelling and layout building, and Hornby has…

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Minories #3 – alternative Minories…..


The last couple of posts on Minories have given enough ideas for any number of successful layouts.  But I’ve been playing around with the basic idea, and have a couple of ideas that could have some mileage.

Firstly, Minories on a curve.  This track layout also appeared in RMWeb.


It keeps the Minories track layout, but bends it around a curve.  The end result is an even smoother run into any of the three plaforms with no reverse curves at all.  It does lose a little of the character of the approach tracks, but with the addition of a fiddle yard (perhaps a mirror image of the layout) it would make a fine layout for a small L-shaped corner.

A second thought is the ‘bitsa-station’ approach.  Again, and Iain Rice idea, as may be obvious from the name!  Here we make the observation that the station platforms are often the…

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