Talking Stock #35 Original Merchant Navy pacifics @Hornby initial variations in detail

One for Merchant Navy fans. Muz reviews the new Hornby models.

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

As promised in my recent Warley 2016 updatepost this post is about the first four original Air Smoothed Bulleid Merchant Navy pacifics being released by Hornby due in the first quarter 2017. The main purpose of this post is to advisethe exact condition and dates applicable to all these four versions which I hope will assist those wishing to purchase the correct version for their time period or those potentially wanting to renumber to other members of the class. General details of the 3 distinct Series of Merchant Navy pacifics can be found on my talking Stock #1 post herealong with some additional information on the initial liveries and tenders for the some of the Series Three Merchant Navy pacifics on my Talking Stock # 24 post here.

Hornby livery samples of 21C1 and 21C3 together Hornby livery samples of 21C1 and 21C3 together So far as you can see below Hornby are releasing two Series…

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