Minories #1 – the original design

One day


There are few model railway plans that can be deemed ‘classic’.  One surely must be the late Cyril Freezer’s ‘Minories’ plan.  The plan was the result a flash of inspiration whilst waiting for a train, then some doodling to try the recreate the Metropolitan station at Liverpool Street.  The classic design that emerged was a three platform terminus.  The terminal throat is an interesting pair of crossovers which mean that any movement only involves one reverse curve.

Over the next few days, I would like to post on the ‘Minories’ plan and delve into variations of it.  I’ve gathered a number of track layouts from RMWeb posts and other locations – I am not sure of the copyright on some of these, so I ask the owners patience if I post something I shouldn’t.

The original Freezer design was for TT gauge, to make use of the then new Triang ‘Jinty’ and…

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Nasty Party goes to war over church’s Purley tower block

I notice too that there is no Christmas spirit in Purley high street as there are no lights?

Inside Croydon

Even the scheme's own architects' drawings cannot disguise how the Baptist Church's tower will dominate Purley town centre Even the scheme’s own architects’ drawings cannot disguise how the Baptist Church’s tower will dominate Purley town centre

A nasty war of words has broken out in Purley over the local baptist church’s development of a 17-storey tower overlooking the ugly gyratory road system.

So unpleasant is the behaviour that Purley has revealed itself as no longer the genteel place of suburban good manners of the days of Terry and June, as it is now divided by a bitter row over a site which has lain derelict for decades.

Croydon Council’s planning committee, in a three-hour-long session last night, approved the controversial proposal for a housing project which Purley Baptist Church claims will help to regenerate a town centre on land left unused for 40 years.

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Eggesford progress

Nice modelling as always

Nicks workshop mutterings

I have now finished the 3mm Society/Malcolm Mitchell kit of a Great Western 517 class tank which is now running on Eggesford with a rake of 4 wheel coaches which are also from 3mm Society kits.

The picture below shows a busy time at Eggesford which, I’m afraid, has become rather “Westernised”! The 517 can be seen on a Down local passenger with a steam rail motor on an up service and a LSWR Ilfracombe goods shunting the yard

A Merry Christmas to all my readers. I look forward to progressing more in the New Year with reducing my store of flat pack kits!

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Tories’ social care announcement will force Council Tax rise

Good old Torres cannot raise my wages by 5% or a pensioners no

Inside Croydon

In a quick break during last night’s everlasting planning committee meeting, WALTER CRONXITE crunched some numbers for the next round of Council Tax, and finds the Labour-run authority has been boxed into a vote-losing corner

Theresa May’s Tory Government has effectively decided to increase Council Tax in Croydon by 5per cent next year, and will lump on at least a further 3per cent in 2018, just ahead of the next Town Hall elections, in the latest cynical exercise in buck-passing for essential services and provision of care for the elderly and vulnerable.

Council tax form 4In all, it could mean Council Tax in Croydon will rise by more than 11per cent over three years, a steaming political turd for council leader Tony Newman and his “ambitious” Labour group which currently controls the Town Hall.

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Surrey Street and the £1m questions Watson refuses to answer

Inside Croydon

The clique of  Progress councillors that control Croydon’s Labour-run Town Hall have really taken to this “post-truth” thing, to the point of issuing press releases, through the council’s propaganda department, which are fundamentally untrue.

surrey-street-christmas-market-2 This is what £500,000-worth of promotional budget buys you

The latest instance is over the sadly declining fortunes of Surrey Street Market.

Last week, the council promised a Christmas market in Surrey Street on Thursday evening, including mulled wine, roast chestnuts and carol singing. The full Bing Crosby.

The reality was desultory, with no chestnuts, no carols and most definitely no mulled wine, just half a dozen not-very-Christmassy “street food” stalls with very few customers and someone with a microphone doing some rap music to an audience of barely a dozen.

There was a bit of tinsel wrapped around a crowd barrier – though the barrier wasn’t really necessary, as there was no crowd.

But all…

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Council planners join with developer to block objections

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE reports on another instance where the council’s planning department is riding roughshod over local residents and elected councillors – this time potentially jeopardising a £85million road scheme

The Waddon Hotel: the historic pub is under threat from TfL's roads scheme The Waddon Hotel: the historic pub could be under threat again as a result of Croydon’s stubborn planning department

The unrestrained rush to develop any scrap of land into housing in Croydon, seemingly without any broader consideration of the consequences, could see tonight’s meeting of the planning committee put in jeopardy a multi-million-pound Transport for London road scheme which has been years in the planning, or risk the future of one of the borough’s most historic pubs.

So concerned is the council’s planning department about the objection to a scheme for one block of six flats on Epsom Road, near Waddon Station, from ward councillor Andrew Pelling, that they have taken the decision out of the hands of the planning committee…

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