Old Ashburton library to be handed over to private companies

Inside Croydon

That “ambition” thing we were told so much about in 2013 and 2014, before the last Town Hall elections? It seems that if you want to turn it into the “delivery” thing, it can take a long time and a lot of public cash.

Submissions of interest in leasing the old library building in Ashburton Park have to be submitted before the end of April The old library building in Ashburton Park. Finally, it might have new occupants this summer

In 2014, soon after Tony Newman’s Labour group took office, they blocked a very questionable deal which Tim Pollard and Croydon Tories had agreed on just the day before the local elections. That deal would have handed over the old library in Ashburton Park, reckoned to be worth at least £500,000, to a  church group that wanted to convert the building into some nice apartments for their pastor, with a bit of a church hall use, and all for a bargain £85,000.

The new Labour-run council would not allow such…

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Now for something completely different!

Lovely work

Nicks workshop mutterings

As a departure from railway modelling I have been building a model of a trading smack. This will eventually be the centrepiece of a new, small layout I intend to build but more about that later.

The smack ‘Mary’ was built in Truro in 1875 and was designed initially for the South Cornwall stone trade. With her broad width, shallow draught and flat bottom she was ideal for coastal waters and getting up rivers and creeks. I found plans on a web site which unfortunately is now no longer on line and there are some good pictures of a model of her on the site of the Royal Greenwich Museum.

I was inspired to build her after reading Gordon Gravett’s article on building a gravel barge in Model Railway Journal issues 212 and 213 in 2012. His model is built to 7mm scale whereas mine is to my usual 3mm…

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Another prototypical Minories…..

More Minories ideas


Reading the July 2011 Railway Modeller, I came across another ‘almost’ Minories design, and a very attractive one at that.  This is the ex-LSWR station of Windsor and Eton Riverside.  Windsor had an LSWR and a GWR terminus, both angling, no doubt, for the royal patronage to get to Windsor Castle.  Both were just a few hundred yards from the station.  The LSWR terminus is slightly smaller, with the attraction of being next to the River Thames, and having the castle as a backdrop.

Here’s the track layout around 1900….

windsor National Library of Scotland – Creative Commons

The castle lies just to the south-west.  Note the queen’s waiting room on the south wall of the station, and the Thames to the north.  Here’s what it looks like today, with two platforms still in operation, and a South West Trains service at one of them.


The Railway Modeller plan is for…

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