When you’re digging a hole…

Albion Yard

Often said, when you’re digging a hole, know when to stop! I’d been pushing on with my Southern Electric project, and it wasn’t lighting my fire as it should. It’s at this point it’s a good idea to take stock, and I did, literally. I was in discussion with a few good friends around the Southern project and I used a set of scratch built Great Central platform buildings to mock up the island platform structures with the EMU’s in place. This just emphasised that the whole thing wasn’t working. So that’s where we are today, filling in the holes. What I’m using is really neat stuff, Vallejo Plastic Putty, an acrylic resin filler. It has the consistency of toothpaste and can fill tiny gaps to quite big ones like wing root joints on model aircraft. That’s what the white blotches is on the sleepers, where the third rail ceramic…

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