Player, or Builder?

Albion Yard

There’s a question….

I took Shelfie to the Warminster show last weekend, a round trip of 430 miles just to show the layout for one day. I don’t often do one day events, but occasionally there’s a show where I will do a one day trip. So that must make me a ‘player’. The one day shows I do attend however are pretty focussed on people whom are known as ‘builders’, i.e. they make stuff and layouts. The one day shows like that that I’ve attended are Larkrail, Warminster, and earlier this year the first Define day, the reason to attend those shows is twofold, to show the layout, be it Shelfie/Albion Yard or Bawdsey and to see what other ‘builders’ are up to.
On the blogroll there’s two recent additions:
Chris Mears’ https://princestreet.wordpress.com/
Rick DeCandido https://fillmoreavenueroundhouse.wordpress.com/

Today was one of those days where I was at a crossroads of builder/player…

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