Council kills off Percy the park keeper and abandons 120 parks


Inside Croydon

CHRIS PECKHAM, our environment correspondent, on the latest shocking admission of failure at Croydon Town Hall

Park Hill is one of the lucky six parks to be picked by the council for special, on-going attention

Croydon Council is about to shut-up the park keeper’s hut in more than 120 of the borough’s open spaces, as it seems primed to axe all professional staff from its once proud and prestigious parks department.

According to sources who work with the department on a daily basis, virtually all of the staff who used to handle our parks have either decided to move on because they’ve had enough or they are being made redundant anyway.

“Our parks risk being turned into unmaintained wastelands or a collection of privately run cafes and sports clubs,” is the grim view of one insider.

There is no longer a dedicated parks department at Croydon Council. Instead of almost…

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2 thoughts on “Council kills off Percy the park keeper and abandons 120 parks”

  1. I am surprised you have lasted this long. In Greenwich and Lewisham, park keepers disappeared years ago to be replaced by mobile teams who go from park to park and more recently, in Greenwich, with the advent of ‘Friends’, volunteers who look after the parks and do one day’s work a week keeping it tidy

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