When did travelling become such hell?

Too true

Stephen Liddell

I am a little unusual I admit, I quite like travelling by public transport and I always have. I don’t see driving a car as superior and much prefer to pay someone to do that for me so along with anything from 1 to 50 fellow humans, hire a chauffer in the form of a bus driver to do that sort of thing for me whenever possible.

That being said, there isn’t much worse than having your journey ruined by an obnoxious, spoilt child, especially on longer journeys or on travels to holidays.  Though sometimes their parents do make a good attempt at being more annoying.

It’s not always the fault of the child or parent but it is almost guaranteed that if you are travelling with a small child that at some point in your journey, likely before the child has even made a peep, you’ll be the recipient…

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