And Now, From Norwich (Norwich Bus Station, Norfolk, UK)

The Beauty of Transport

This week’s transport beauty is the antidote and riposte to all those market and county towns which have demolished, or are planning to demolish, their long-standing bus stations. In the last couple of decades, many have been replaced by scattered on-street bus shelters, or a smaller bus station with disagreeable facilities located further from the town centre than the original bus station. I’ve written about the phenomenon before (see this earlier article) but it’s an ongoing problem. No-one quite seems sure what the replacement for Winchester bus station will be, exactly. Exeter’s bus station redevelopment staggers along, mired in controversy over budgetsGuildford Borough Council remains desperate to relocate Guildford bus station somewhere, anywhere, regardless of the fact that it’s in about as convenient a location for accessing the town centre as it is possible to imagine. The land it occupies is valuable real estate, and…

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