Lananta progress 2

Nicks workshop mutterings

It seems a long time since I last posted but now some further progress has been made. The main job has been building and laying the mixed gauge point to the two sidings on the quay and wiring up the layout and ironing out the bugs in the trackwork.

The point was layed on a Templot template. The rail is bridge section rail. This is the 4mm version supplied by the Broad Gauge Society. It is based on a lightweight prototype and seems fine for 3mm scale. I have used it successfully on previous Broad Gauge layouts. 4mm wide copper clad strip glued to the base is used to represent the timber baulks and the rail is soldered to it. On the timber trestle part of the quay I laid strips of 1mm plywood across the quay interspersed with copper clad strip every six strips to which the rail was…

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Of Mice And Men – The smallest monument in London


Stephen Liddell

I’ve known about the mice of Philpot Lane for a year when I started researching for a forthcoming London Attractions book which I am working on but it was only on Tuesday that I finally set my eyes upon it.

I was out and about on a scouting mission through the narrow lanes of Roman and Anglo-Saxon on the look out for hidden gems and lost treasures that most never see.  I found plenty of these that I knew about and a few that I didn’t know about but the walk allowed me to visit this tiny curiosity.

The smallest monument in London is just a minute away from one of if not the largest monument in London, so grand it is simply known as The Monument which commemorates the starting point of The Great Fire of London in nearby Pudding Lane.

Even The Monument itself is unexpected by the…

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And Now, From Norwich (Norwich Bus Station, Norfolk, UK)

The Beauty of Transport

This week’s transport beauty is the antidote and riposte to all those market and county towns which have demolished, or are planning to demolish, their long-standing bus stations. In the last couple of decades, many have been replaced by scattered on-street bus shelters, or a smaller bus station with disagreeable facilities located further from the town centre than the original bus station. I’ve written about the phenomenon before (see this earlier article) but it’s an ongoing problem. No-one quite seems sure what the replacement for Winchester bus station will be, exactly. Exeter’s bus station redevelopment staggers along, mired in controversy over budgetsGuildford Borough Council remains desperate to relocate Guildford bus station somewhere, anywhere, regardless of the fact that it’s in about as convenient a location for accessing the town centre as it is possible to imagine. The land it occupies is valuable real estate, and…

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Bodiam Castle

Pete's Favourite Things

Bodiam Castle was built in 1385 as a protection against French invasion during the 100 years war. It is unusual in design as it has no central keep. Despite its initial purpose, Bodiam managed to survive without being involved in any military action. It was surrendered by the Lewkner family in 1483 when threatened with siege by forces supporting the House of York. It was returned to them following the accession of Henry VII. During the civil war, it was sold by Lord Thanet, a Royalist, to pay the fines levied by Parliment and they took the decision to dismantle some of the defences. The castle was restored by its owners during the 19th and 20th century and in 1925 it was given to the National Trust and opened to the public.

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The Best of Bishop

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

Saturday 19th August was the Bishop Stortford Railway Society Exhibition.

There were no narrow gauge layouts but I was struck by this standard gauge one. Acacia Avenue is a 00 scale BR 1970s-80s era, parcel depot and goods sidings layout by Julie and Colin Palmer. It does not represent a particular location, yet I was very struck by the run down, industrial atmosphere the layout creates. I had a good chat with Colin and he even gave me a copy of Narrow Gauge World. Nice bloke. Thanks Colin.

For me, the best part of the show was the traders. There is always a good selection at the Stortford exhibition, and this year was no exception. I had a good rummage around all the stalls and I went home with some laser cut wood kits from KS Laser Designs. I got three O scale kits: a cafe, a small garden shed…

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Don’t delay, start today

Very true


Some good insights from Steve Flint, writing in the latest Railway Modeller editorial…

There are three categories of model railway enthusiast.  The first is the person who has a specific layout project on the go….  The second is the collector….  The third is the person who, one day, is going to build a layout….

Not that there is anything fundamentally wrong with any of these three modeller categories, although the first two types are possibly more fulfilled than the third one…..

But – and it’s a but that’s getting bigger – the dynamics of modern living are steadily eroding that potential start date [for type three] for many modellers.

For instance, the government has just announced another increase in the state pension qualifying age, pushing many younger people’s retirement date further into the future.  Then there is the housing situation in the UK, this can mean that the ‘spare’ bedroom…

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Scientists want your help to find a spike in hedgehog numbers

Inside Croydon

Conservationists are asking Croydon’s garden owners to undertake some survey work which could help to save the hedgehog.

Help with a national survey on how hedgehogs in your garden

This week, the first national Hedgehog Housing Census has been launched by Hedgehog Street, a national campaign set up by wildlife charities the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species, to help combat the ongoing decline in native hedgehog population numbers. This survey is in partnership with the University of Reading and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

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