The lost and hidden rivers of London

Hard to believe given London modern day

Stephen Liddell

It’s easy to see London as one big mega city with just one river, what Londoners fondly call old Father Thames. When the tide of the river rises and falls it is almost as if you can see the city itself breathe. The Thames has always been the centre for life in the city even if these days it is more usually posing patiently for tourist drawings, etchings and photos.   What is less known however is that London is full of other rivers.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  London is in a big natural bowl, hence the predilection for foggy winter days and hot and humid summers.

In fact there are at least 21 tributaries that flow into the Thames within the spread of Greater London itself, and that is just counting the main branches. Once tributaries, and tributaries of tributaries, are included the total becomes almost countless.

Many of…

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