Collins deserves new T-shirt as fly-tip figures start to fall

Inside Croydon

Now might be the time for Stuart Collins to start dishing out the T-shirts.

Stuart Collins (right) and his T-shirts. Figures published today demonstrate that his campaign is having some effect

Three years ago, the Labour councillor put in charge of getting Croydon’s streets clean, launched a “Don’t Mess With Croydon – Take Pride” campaign, handing out badges and balloons before he had the bins and road-sweeping staff in place to back-up the sloganising.

But today, following a £1.3million investment in the road-cleaning programe with contractors Veolia, Croydon Council produced figures which showed a decrease in fly-tipping incidents across the borough of more than one-fifth, compared to the same six-month period in 2016.

From April to October this year there were 11,876 reported incidents of fly-tipping, down from 15,211 during the same period in 2016.

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Lananta- Tree Magic

Nicks workshop mutterings

I have now done a final sketch for the backscene and decided to play around with some trees to see the effect. I had a few specimen trees recycled from previous layouts with some hedging. These have been temporarily placed in the scene and suddenly it is all starting to come to life;

Here you can see that I have also given some texture to the estuary sand and some water flowing from the river and starting to creep in around the ship.

Here an Oak tree (which in fact is on at least it’s third layout) is going provide a good scene blocker to reduce the view through the bridge to the fiddle yard.

Finally I have painted a small mock up of part of the backscene and placed it behind the trees to see the effect.

I think it is going to work well!!

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Warley Exhibition 2017 news round up for Southern related items, Bachmann, @hornby, @hattonsmodels, Dapol

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The weekend saw the Warley National Model railway Exhibition at the NEC,  as in previous years I have endeavoured to round up some of the news and items of interest from mainly a Southern / BR(s) perspective.  It has been usual for some of the manufacturers to use the event to make announcements of new items or showcase updates to new products under development, this year however relevant new announcements were thin on the ground but there are a small number of SR  / BR(s) related updates as shown below.

The full size H Class was the centrepiece of the combined Hornby and Hornby Magazine stand at Warley

Also many thanks to those of you who read this blog for popping by the Hornby Magazine Twelve Trees Junction layout where I was playing trains for the weekend. For the first time Hornby Magazine and Hornby had a joint stand, demonstrating…

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Shirley’s surprises hidden in the heath on Addington Hills

Inside Croydon

The views north to central London from the Addington Hills are an under-appreciated bonus for Croydon’s residents and Sunday morning strollers

WANDLE WANDERINGS: Under gin-blue skies, KEN TOWL headed for the hills and encountered views that could rival a New England Fall

Advertisements in the Sunday newspaper supplements for trips to Boston to see the glories of the New England “Fall”, as they like to call it, are all very well for those with surplus cash. But in these days of austerity, some of us have to tighten our belts and look for our pleasures nearer to home.

Fortunately, a round trip to the Addington Hills will only set you back £3, and now is the time to go when the autumn sun at your back lights up a vista from the hills that takes in the Wembley arch in the west to the hi-rises of Canary Wharf in the…

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Royston Rail 2017

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

Last Saturday the Royston and District Model Railway Club held their annual exhibition. The Royston club exhibitions are always enjoyable. They have a good selection of layouts, strong trade stands and an excellent book dealer.

This year, to add the icing to my cake, the exhibition had several narrow gauge layouts. I spent an enjoyable few hours exploring, talking to people and taking some photos using my mobile phone. Here a selection of the snaps.

I saw Mers-Les-Bains for the first time a couple of weeks ago at ExpoNG. It was great to see it again so soon. Look at the lovely teak coaches at the top of this blog.

The atmosphere Peter Smith has created is superb.

This time I managed to get photos of Peter’s tasty tram locos.

009 was very well represented. This is Butley Quay by Peter Rednall an imaginary narrow gauge line set in East…

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Senior Tory councillor quits Town Hall but keeps it all quiet

Inside Croydon

KEN LEE, our Town Hall reporter, on the disappearing act performed by one of the local Tories’ former leading lights

Unannounced at the Town Hall, and unmentioned to the people of Selsdon and Ballards ward she was supposed to be representing, Sara Bashford, the sometime deputy leader of the Croydon Tories at the Town Hall, has quit as a councillor.

Bashford quietly handed in her Town Hall pass on November 8, after more than a decade of pocketing generous allowances as an elected councillor.

The only signal of this departure of an elected member of the council is a note on what used to be her contact page on the council website. “Councillor Sara Bashford… Not currently an elected councillor,” it states, apparently oblivious to the imbecilic contradiction therein.

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