Repainting a Secondhand 09 Wagon

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

As part of my spending spree on secondhand 09 models I brought these two wagons. I like both of the wagons but I don’t really like the grey livery. I decided to experiment with repainting one of them.

I chose the flat wagon, gave it a coat of Humbrol 160 German Camoulfage Brown, and then dry brushed it with a wide range of browns and black. When I dry brush models, I dip the brush into the paint, wipe the brush on paper until it leaves virtually no trace of paint and then run the brush over the model.

I thought the headstocks looked rather plain.

I added some Grandt line rivets to each end. It’s easy to do. You drill a hole and push the ‘shank’ of the rivet into the hole.

When I used these rivets for the first time I tried to put the glue on the…

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