Brighton Show

Ouse Valley Modeller


Just a quick note to say Tarring Neville is back out at Brighton MRC’s show this weekend at Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, Patcham, BN1 8TA. More info here

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Lananta-more progress

Nicks workshop mutterings

The last few weeks has seen some definite progress. I have made and installed the basics of the lime kilns which are now waiting for foliage and detailing. I have also added the final sand surface to the estuary ready for detailing with water, mud and weed etc.

I have purchased some dinghys in cast resin. These are made by Quaycraft and purchased through Cornwall model boats. Two will be drawn up on the beach and the third will be the tender to the sailing smack.

Finally I have finished a mock up in pencil of the backscene, which now awaits painting-;

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Oly’s Uckfield

You did well – good Exhibition

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

Talking about yourself in the third person is always a sign of either insanity or a personality complex. Just look at Donald Trump.

But after Chris’ nice review and other blogs mentioning SQ’s debut I thought I should give you my spin. A lot of people outside of the hobby have no real idea what ‘doing a show’ actually means and people in the hobby who have never exhibited don’t really grasp how it works either. I know I certainly didn’t.

If your lucky enough to build something someone else wants at a show they send you an invite and ask how much ‘you cost’ this is when you tell an exhibition manager if you need a van, a hotel and how much fuel you are likely to burn while you transport your layout the breadth of the country.

If all is amenable you get to play trains all weekend…

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Up cycling for Harkness

Kirkmellington - a journey into EM

Harkness has been based on the North Sunderland railway in Northumberland and so needs a rake of 4 & 6 wheel Compartment coaches. We have a few Connoisseur Models kits in our stash and eBay has given us a couple of D&S kits to build plus a couple of second hand models. In addition we have a P C models brake on loan from Fellow RMRG member, Mr Worthington.
Today has been about up cycling the two eBay purchases which have had their running gear tweaked and wheels swapped. Upcycling starts with a full grit blast with my badger cleaning kit, a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol before pruning with Alclad microfiller primer.
A light railway bespoke colour scheme will be applied next (but not lined Highland Railway red which the NSR used).

1) second hand white metal coach


After grit blasting

After primer

2) brass kit built coaches

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