More food outlets quit Boxpark as the £33 ticket raves go on

Inside Croydon

Only in Croydon could there be a council-subsidised venue which tries to charge potential customers an entry fee so that they can get in and buy a £10 burger. Town Hall correspondent KEN LEE reports

While other bars, pubs and restaurants in the town centre come to terms with the council’s whimsical closure of the High Street, over at East Croydon Station, there’s news of more traders quitting council-subsidised Boxpark.

Boxpark got a £3m loan from Croydon Council to open as a fashion and retail outlet. Now its food vendors are complaining that it is being used as a music venue

From an initial 40+ bars and street food outlets in October 2016, there’s now just 34 listed by the operators, as Chango Empanadas and Sweetbean have joined the exodus of businesses from the venue.

As Inside Croydon reported earlier this month, they follow MUD, an Australian brunch…

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Town centre landlord sells up – to become a bus driver

Inside Croydon

Another week, and another Croydon pub landlord has decided he’s had enough and is selling up.

The Bull’s Head, just off Croydon High Street. Soon to be under new management

John McFarlane has been the landlord of The Bull’s Head, in the town centre on the corner of Wandle Road and Laud Street, for 16 years.

The pub is an old-fashioned boozer, with a single bar area, and no room for any poncy gastro grub or other such nonsense. It does possess possibly one of the biggest white light Christmas trees stuck on its roof of any pub in Croydon.

McFarlane attracted the attention of the national media in 2013 after he had his pub painted red and blue, the colours of Crystal Palace, when he lost a bet to an Eagles fan and pub regular over the club winning promotion.

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Christmas greetings


Well it’s almost here….  Weeks of manic consumerism culminate in a final spending frenzy.  “Pete 75C” commented on RMWeb….

I thought I’d pop into Tesco at 07:30 to avoid the rush and get a few last minute bits. Good GRIEF. Nowhere to park and trolley rage in every aisle. I’m done. Noticed the sign on exit… “We’re shut on Boxing Day, but don’t worry – our Express stores are open”. I won’t worry at all, thanks…

Slight shortage of good will to all men here?  But don’t panic, Sainsbury are open on Boxing Day!  Why do people stock up as if Armageddon was imminent? (Or perhaps they know something I don’t?)

But come tomorrow I’ll be delighted to return to the real meaning of Christmas, remembering a new-born baby in a manger – who would grow up to change the world.

Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Christmas 2017.


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Fishers has the chemistry right for business in Woodside

Inside Croydon

A chemists’ shop with a poetic tendency

The nice people at the South Norwood Tourist Board have flagged up this festive offering at the independent chemists’ shop, Fishers on Enmore Road.

They write: “Serving the community for over 100 years, this place is more an institution and catch up with yer neighbours than a regular pharmacy. You don’t get Boots, Superdrug or Lloyds giving such a personalised service, with customers each year getting a Christmas card with one of Mr Kurtz’s poems.

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On my workbench #2


As Christmas approached, I found the time to tidy up the railway room, and have made a list of projects and tasks for the weeks and months ahead.  Some might be considered as overambitious…..

But as a simple warmup exercise, I decided to upgrade the two Lima Siphon’s that I had picked up second hand.  This was a quick and nasty job, using the Dapol Siphon G chassis – sometimes available separately – to improve the bogie and underframe detail.

All is needed is to flatten the raised detail on the chassis, except the four pegs on the four corners that locate the body.  The Lima weight is added to the chassis. It could be glued in place, but I opted for a plastic card retainer to prevent it coming loose in the future.  A coat of grimy black, and underframe complete.

The bodies needed a mere sliver of plastic…

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Out of Context?

The Erratic and Wandering Journey

I recently re-blogged René Gourley’s post, in which he quoted Marty McGuirk’s comment on Georgia O’Keefe:

Nothing is less real than realism. Details are confusing. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meaning of things.

This is a lot deeper than an initial reading might suggest: O’Keefe was talking about identifying the essence of something, so that it can be drawn out. She was not, necessarily, talking about eliminating every detail, but making the point that you can remove some of the distractions from what you are trying to portray, to make your creation clearer.

That said, I think a degree of caution is necessary when translating Georgia O’Keefe’s words to our hobby.

Our models are not static 2-d representations attempting to emulate the impact of distance on stereoscopic vision which makes judgements of size and distance based on relative angular…

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