Busting the myth of London being a Rainy city


Stephen Liddell

If there is one thing that tourists ask me when I’m out with them it is Brexit or Donald Trump.  If there is a second thing they ask me it is about the weather.    For some reason, people have the idea that it always rains in London and really it couldn’t be further from the truth.

It ‘rarely’ rains in London.  Whilst areas of the Western Highlands in Scotland, Snowdonia in Wales and the Lake District in NW England have high levels of rain fall by any level of expectation, London does not.  What’s more as the map below shows, London is far from being the driest part of the U.K.

I blame it on Hollywood movies who for some reason think rain it is a signature of London.  Perhaps it is a relic of the old Victorian and 1950’s smogs but I can honestly say out of the…

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