A bit of an update:- Hornby Lord Nelson, Hatton’s P Class, Oxford Rail, Milton Keynes Exhibition and British Model Railway Awards

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

This post is a bit of a smorgasbord of updates including product development updates from Hornby and Hatton’s, a new announcement from Oxford Rail, Fisherton Sarum’s next outing and finally the 2017 British Model Railway Awards

Hornby SR Lord Nelson 4-6-0

The livery sample of the Hornby SR 4-6-0 Lord Nelson. Image copyright Hornby and linked directly from their Engineshed blog

Announced only earlier this month as part of the 2018 range Hornby have, via their Engineshed Blog here, shown off how much of an advanced stage in development the model is at, with the first fully decorated Engineering Prototype sample having been received. Hornby are already aware that a few slight tweaks are still needed but that is the point of such samples.
Generally the process of the development of such a model is around two years, so it demonstrates how much work had been competed…

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More links and oddities

Thanks to ESNG blog for this little gem


First, a cure for insomnia…..

“Slow train coming: SBS to air 17-hour Ghan trip on Sunday”

Following the success/controversy of airing a three-hour extract of a train trip through the Australian outback, SBS has decided to air a 17-hour version of the journey on Sunday.  Marketed as Australia’s first foray into the Norwegian genre of slow TV, the program showed – without ad breaks – a driver’s seat view of the famous passenger train on its 3,000km trip from Adelaide to Darwin.

Due to its popularity, SBS station Viceland will air the uninterrupted 17 hours from 2.40am on Sunday.  The three hour version “got the nation talking, trending nationally on social media, and recorded an average of 583,000 viewers in metro and regional markets throughout the three hour program, making this the highest performing SBS program in the past 12 months,” SBS said to explain the novel programming decision.  The…

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It was my tender behind y’r honour


Ok, so nipping back to Court for a moment…

What we do know is that there isn’t really much of a standard thing as a GW tender. The only tenders that definitely always had the same type of tank and frame during their life are the Hawksworth ones behind the Counties which were 6″ wider than all the others.

Apart from that, the tenders were like the London Routemaster, entering the works the tank and chassis were separated and overhauled at different rates so what then came back out was almost certainly different.

And so it was I noticed that a number of Collett 3500 gal tenders ended up with Dean chassis. I also noticed the Collett 3500 tank bore a striking resemblance to a Dean 3500 with an added raised lip around the tank filler area.

Thus, for my Saint, all I had to do was add the raised…

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Hornby London Toy Fair 2018

Albion Yard

Hornby J36 R3600TTS R3621 R3622

On the Hornby stand one of the EP’s for the new J36 was available to have a good look at. The Prototype is definitely a Scottish model, so those of you who have been after a widely spread ‘Northern’ locomotive have landed on your feet! It’ll be available in three color schemes initially, North British DCC with sound, LNER, and BR early crest, the last two DCC ready. The pricing is interesting with the DCC sound version (£164.00) only being around £35.00 more than a DCC ready version. I can foresee buyers swapping bodies to get sound and vice versa! The EP looked pretty much ready to go, the weight seemed appropriate and I’d guess of similar value to the J15 which pulls well for its size.

Hornby J36 R3600TTS R3621 R3622

Hornby J36 R3600TTS R3621 R3622

Hornby J36 R3600TTS R3621 R3622


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Oxford Rail London Toy Fair 2018

Albion Yard


Oxford Rail N7
OR76N7001 OR76N7001XS OR76N7002 OR76N7002XS OR76N7003 OR76N7003XS

The N7 announced last year is very close to release and Oxford had an advanced EP on the stand to have a look at. As such it has some issues eg the coupling rods have been put on upside down (Oxford are aware), but on the whole it looks very promising. The weight of the loco is striking, most of the superstructure being cast metal, so I think there’s unlikely to be many traction issues. The rear pony truck appears rigid, the wheelset having a good amount of lateral movement and a small amount of vertical movement. Decorated samples are due very soon, and the detail on the EP looked a good cross section of quality and finesse. It was certainly standing up well to be handled frequently at the show.

Oxford Rail N7
OR76N7001 OR76N7001XS OR76N7002 OR76N7002XS OR76N7003…

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Down the line from Holborn


Whilst I mull over possible ways of modelling Holborn Viaduct, let’s move a little down the line to the junction of the Holborn and Charing Cross lines, just outside London Bridge.  Here we find Ewer Street depot, again built on brick viaducts above the mean Southwark streets.  The Kentrail website noted that…..

This was an interesting depot arrangement, situated upon a long thin site positioned immediately adjacent to the incline linking the London Bridge and Blackfriars lines. It formed part of the then newly created SE&CR Joint Managing Committee’s London Bridge area improvements. This had included the widening of the original London & Greenwich viaduct to the east of the terminus, which provided an additional two running lines and saw the abolition of the unique right-hand running on the Greenwich line. Terminating platforms at London Bridge were increased by four, by transferring the continental freight depot from here to a…

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Little and Large

Ouse Valley Modeller

No not Syd and Eddie. I have been working on another two Rustons that are at different ends of the size spectrum in 4mm scale! A Judith Edge Ruston & Hornsby 165DS 0-4-0 DM and a Brian Madge Ruston LB

The Judith Edge kit is intended to build one of the two locos bought by BR in 1956 but you can adapted the kit to do one of the industrial versions and this is what I have done. The Ruston 165’s came in three different varieties. A DS (Mechanical), DE (Electric) and DH (Hydraulic). The later locos had a different cab front but you can build any of the earlier versions from the kit. The main external differences are the jackshaft arrangement, front grill, handrail positions and exhaust position. Some also had different bonnet doors which would mean making your own to add to the kit.
Having decided I…

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