London Festival of Railway Modelling – 2018 #3


We’ll start today with some thoughts on layout design.  It is noticeable how the classic branch line layout has been supplemented at shows by the ’roundy-roundy’ with few points.  It was interesting to compare a few of those layouts on display.  (An apologies to the builders for any critical comments – as ever, it’s your layout, but my thoughts!!!)

Lacey Dale, in ‘N’ is another of the Model Railway Club’s ongoing projects.  I do like the way they bring along their projects to show layouts under development.  And Lacey Dale also shows the potential for a N-mod or N-club modular layout with an operating section below the through lines.  The only issues here are perhaps the depth of the baseboard, and also that the through lines are at the back, not the front, of the layout.

Bluebell cutting is another ‘N’ gauge layout, much smaller, and a simple double track…

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