We can be ‘relieved’ it’s a good model, a review of the @hattonsmodels ex SECR Wainwright P Class 0-6-0t

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

Hatton’s only announced their production of the ex SECR Wainwright P Class tanks after first Engineering Prototypes had been received back in September last year as I reported in my “Can I have a P please” post, here. Although it was hoped to be able to deliver these before the end of last year Hattons should be congratulated in getting 10 of the 12 initially announced versions to the market last week, a refreshingly short process time especially as this is the first locomotive project that Hatton’s have handled direct with the manufacturing company in China. The two SECR lined livery versions will be following shortly.

A side on view of No. 1558

Although only eight P class locomotives were built, there were a number of differences between the members of the class and during their lifetime and Hatton’s have certainly risen exceptionally well to the challenge.

The separately applied…

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2 thoughts on “We can be ‘relieved’ it’s a good model, a review of the @hattonsmodels ex SECR Wainwright P Class 0-6-0t”

  1. Back to Normal I see
    The models on Display behind glass at Alexandra Palace looked very nice.
    I must not be tempted
    The 2 models not seen live only in pictures were the 2 in SECR Green livery

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