RAF Icons of the Jet-Age

Stephen Liddell

Concluding my short series of blog posts on iconic RAF planes to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force we finally reach the period that most of us are best familiar with.  The age of the jet engine.

Frank Whittle invented the jet engine in 1930 though it was Germany that got the first jetfighters into action.  The very British jetfighter was the Vampire which first flew in 1943 though wasn’t brought into service until just after WW2.

There was a considerable period of overlap with the old-style propellor aeroplanes with the Spitfire for example seeing acive service until at least 1961 in some airforces.

There have been many RAF planes in the modern-era from Buccanneers, Tornados and right up to the present day Typhoon, however for me the most iconic planes of the jet-age are the Vulcan Bomber, Harrier Jumpjet.

The Vulcan bomber was part of a…

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