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3mm Society AGM

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day at the Stratton Leisure Centre in Swindon meeting my fellow 3mm modellers.

Being secretary this is my task for the year in organising the event. I’m pleased to say that everybody who should of turned up did and we had quite a few entries for the modelling competition.

95 members in total attended the event and with the sports hall to play with there was plenty of room.

In addition 4 layouts plus one in progress were brought along, so we will focus on these first

Nick Salzman brought along Lananta his new layout and I must say it is most impressive

Croydon MRS came along with Hemlock – looking good and operated by my good friends Mr P and Mike Davey.

Nigel Cullimore brought his BR blue period layout North Ealing which I marvel out how some much is crammed into such a compact space.

Next we have Richard Popes Chipping Compton, very Titfield Thunderbolt!

Mike Corps Heybridge Wharf – no words needed

As you have seen 3mm layouts can match anything in the major scales – long may it continue!

Now the competition- a lot of entries this year – all winners in my opinion 👍


And we have coaches

Plus wagons

Maybe the odd building or too

Oh and I guess those modern image things (well 1950’s/60s)

All winners as I said – especially Paul Hopkins who came away with a glut of certificates.

Part of 3mm history Clive Thompson former proprietor of 3SMR handed out the trophies and certificates (that’s him on the right) – thanks Clive.

As I said the sports hall is big (there are 95 people there guv honest)

Finally I would like to dedicate this post to Mr Geoff Gay for his kind words about my blog and for winning in the competition

Well done Geoff


Brian in Germany


A couple more videos from Brian, who writes….

Dear All,

Just thought I’d share a couple of the most interesting aspects of my recent trip to the Dampfspektakel in Trier Germany.

As part of a RailTrail group we travelled on one of the positioning trains from Cologne to Trier, passing some massive intermodal yards. I’ve never seen anything on that scale:

Then there was a visit to the Dampflok Museum at Hermeskeil, which if you haven’t seen it can perhaps be compared to Barry scrapyard:

I hope you enjoy watching these.



And here’s the programme (in German)

Dampfspektakel Programme

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North Norfolk Railway

Pete's Favourite Things

When Keith and I were in Norfolk recently we didn’t ride on the North Norfolk Railway but we did pop into Sheringham Station on a couple of occasions to use the excellent tea room.

BR Standard 76084 was present on both our visits.

76084 left the Horwich Works in March 1957. It was one of the last batch of locomotives to be built at Horwich. Records show that 76084 initially went to Lower Darwen shed near Blackburn along with 76080/1/2 and 3.

All 5 locomotives were transferred to Sutton Oak, St.Helens in preparation for the closure of the Lower Darwen shed in March 1965 and scrapping of the class began the following year. 76084 was the last of her class to be withdrawn from BR stock in December 1967. 76084 arrived at Barry in a convoy with 76077, 76079 and 76080. She was to stand in the sidings at Barry until 1982 when she…

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Five Shunter Challenge Pt12: Gearbox construction and chassis tuning

Grasslands Models

The BR Class 02 Shunter has shifted into the lead by a mighty mile this week, after I sat down for a few hours and tackled the High Level Kits Slimliner+ gearbox.

Gearbox Construction

The gearbox is a nice simple kit to put together, but I was a bit nervous of firing up the soldering for the first time in years. All the folds in the etch were made using my x2 hold and fold tools; these are worth their weight in gold (in fact, one of them IS gold).

The holes in the etch were all reamed out slightly and I soldered the shafts in place, trying not to overheat the plastic gear sets while I did it.

I kind of wish I would have only soldered one side of the shaft in place while I settled the gear sets in for meshing, but that is something to…

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‘Sir Roy of Croydon’ handed the Freedom of the Borough

Inside Croydon

Roy Hodgson, who came out of enforced retirement last September to salvage Crystal Palace’s Premier League status, has been nominated for a Freedom of the Borough.

Freedom: Roy Hodgson recognised by his hometown borough

The council press release states that Hodgson, “has been recommended for the honour in recognition of his contribution to Croydon and to football, both home and abroad”.

The council’s announcement says of Hodgson’s association with Crystal Palace: “The club, which was a ‘10-minute walk’ from his boyhood home, has played a large part in his life with stints as a youth player, as well as manager. As a boy, he was a Palace fan who attended John Ruskin Grammar School, where he was a player in the school football team.

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Summer is here

Ouse Valley Modeller


One of the trains in Herstmonceux’s timetable is a Summer Special. Various inter-regional specials ran in the summer months. Some bringing holiday makers down to the Sussex coast and others taking people to different holiday destinations like Birkenhead or Blackpool. These usually had a SR Schools or Mogul replacing the loco that had brought the train in from another region although sometimes the loco from the other regions made it onto SR metals like Black 5’s, B1’s and even the odd 8F!

The idea for the one on Herstmonceux is it is on its way down to Hastings after being split at Three Bridges with the other part going to Brighton. The four coach train is made up of a couple of ex LNER Thompson’s, a Gresley and ex LMS Porthole and motive power is usually a Schools, K class or Black 5 if someone brings one along.
I had…

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Freedom Pass-users left to wait by Southern’s new timetable

Inside Croydon

JEREMY CLACKSON, our transport correspondent, on the emerging problems of ‘clustering’ of rail services under Southern and Thameslink’s new timetable, which is due to begin – as long as there are no delays – on Sunday

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the white rabbit was famously late…

At Victoria Station this week, Southern Railways have opted to promote passenger awareness of the radical new timetable due to be introduced on May 20 with a giant-sized, Alice-In-Wonderland-style white rabbit.

It hardly augurs well.

And our loyal reader has been hard at work, going through “RailPlan20/20”, examining the detail of the service changes as they affect their daily commute to work, and what they have been finding is less than encouraging.

They have found other examples of how the spacing of services will adversely affect their journeys.

Last week, we reported how, although there will still be four trains per hour

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