The Heljan 07 Class 0-6-0, Southampton Docks fleet almost complete

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

First announced back in November 2017 the Heljan 07 Class has now arrived and along with the Dapol ex LSWR B4 0-4-0t and the Model Rail / Bachmann USA 0-6-0t nearly completes the line of regular shunting locomotives used at Southampton Docks. A number of of other classes were also often also regularly seen at the docks including the ex LBSC E1 class now to be produced by Model Rail / Rapido, although this is a couple of years off yet.  This Heljan 07 Class will certainly look the part on Canute Road Quay when I run it in a later period guise.

The USA 0-6-0 tanks had been in service within Southampton Docks since 1946, Due to the various tight curves within Southampton Docks utilising existing Diesel shunters such as the EE 350HP, later 09 class was not going to be an option. Therefore in 1962 Fourteen 0-6-0 diesel-electric…

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Party animal

Railway Misadventures

This week the theatre/social enterprise I work for was part of a big summer festival in our part of the city, which meant Saturday was full of loud music, crowds, lights, more loud music, and more crowds. Pretty much the standard town festival formula really. Oh, and it ran to midnight and after that we had to tidy everything up. And someone decided it would be a great idea to put the 5’3″ (168cm) Brit on the rota for the stage door bouncer.

When not trying to keep people on the public side of the stage door by sheer force of personality, and a step, I wasn’t needed for anything else and could lurk in the relative peace of the office and draw sketches of models.

This particular sketch is of the Höfelbachbahn, the entirely fictional railway that briefly existed as a rather unsuccessful circular model until I decided that…

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A yard with a view

Last nights 3mm Woking Group area meeting took place at the home of Roger Pells in Amersham.

We were invited to view Rogers layout based in South London where the SECR, LNWR and GWR met (pure fiction of course).

With a wide variety of stock, the layout is a way from being finished (but then what layout is) but defo looks the part built to 3mm scale, 14.2 gauge.

Here Are the photos

The big warehouse is a modified Walthers HO kit and other buildings have been dated to suit. The arches are handcut by Roger – no laser cut available.

Roger has more SECR stock in production, coaches and a loco again from kits from the 3mm society a d other providers.

A fascinating layout – thank you Roger and also Tim Barnard for a great evening.


Favourite photo-spots: Brundall

One of my favourite lines


IMG_1513Re-signalling of the Wherry Lines from Norwich to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft continues apace – with “bagged lollipops” having already appeared at a number of locations, so after previous looks at Reedham and Oulton Broad North, it is time to pay a visit to the third mechanically-signalled junction on this fascinating network.

Brundall station stands 5¾ miles east of Norwich and is the point where a single line to Great Yarmouth via Acle diverges from the double track route to Lowestoft. It is served by hourly trains on the Acle line and by some, though not all, of the Lowestoft services.

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Grandad governor awarded MBE for work at special school

Inside Croydon

One of the less-publicised recipients named in the recent honours list is a hard-working volunteer governor and fund-raiser at South Croydon’s St Giles School.

Ken Morcombe, right, celebrates his MBE with St Giles staff and pupil

Grandad Ken Morcombe has been made an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Morcombe has overseen huge changes at St Giles over the last 15 years with the intake of children with profound learning difficulties, the appointment of two head teachers and building works to remodel the school to meet the changing, more complex needs of the children.

In an announcement issued by the school, they said, “Through all this, Ken has supported and challenged the school to ensure that the provision has continued to be excellent and that their very complex children make good and outstanding progress.”

St Giles was named Croydon…

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