Canterbury Cathedral:- The murder and martyrdom of Thomas Becket

Stephen Liddell

Recently on the 29th December, a remembrance service was held in Canterbury Cathedral. The service is held every year as it has been for centuries, in memory of one of most dramatic and tragic figures of early Medieval English history, Thomas Becket.

Canterbury Cathedral Home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Head of the Anglican Church

The death of Thomas Becket. is one of the most dramatic and well-known moments of English history of this period and whereas I have previously written about The Magna Carta which occurred a few decades later, this is definitely a highlight, in name only.

Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury did at one time have very good relations with King Henry II of England and indeed even cared for his son for a time. However Henry II was a very ambitious and ruthless ruler. He wanted to increased the size of his kingdom by conquering much of…

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