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Today,  I read a truly wonderful piece of straight-from-the-heart prose, penned by a Social Media friend, Bruce Biddulph.

In this piece, Bruce managed to articulate every bit of thought, feeling and gut instinct that has reverberated in my heart and head through most of my adult life.

As a survivor of the Thatcher Years, the betrayal of Blairism and the storm of awakening that preceded and followed Scotland’s Independence Referendum, the barely describable insanity of Brexit and the Maelstrom of trigger happy “Free Market” Fascism that ravages our world today, these words chime powerfully with me as a statement of intent and a rallying call.

Please read Bruce’s words and ponder the sentiments therein.

In my opinion, these words would be worthy  of the great John MacLean.

I’ll allow Bruce’s words…

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More Progress with Wiring – Point Motors Connected

Good work

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

It is a simple job to wire up the switches for the point motors. Two wires need to be connected to the switch terminals on each Cobalt point motor, these are the blue wires in the photo.

I’ve connected them to a ‘Plug and Socket Terminal Strip’ connector. On the other side of the connector are the wires to the switches to change the points, in this case the black ‘push to make’ switches in the photo. These will be installed in a control panel. The connector will make it easy to remove the control panel if I want to transport the layout.

Now that reminds me…. I need to make a control panel !

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‘Addiscombe West Bypass’ proves to be a car crash of a policy

Inside Croydon

Irate residents of Elgin Road have used PhotoShop to good effect to illustrate their frustrations

JEREMY CLACKSON, our transport correspondent, on the continuing angst caused by traffic levels off the Addiscombe Road

The wretched legacy of Mark Watson’s time of power and influence within Croydon Council is still being felt by some of the former councillor’s unfortunate neighbours in Addiscombe, with mounting complaints from residents of some streets over ever-increasing traffic and with collisions between vehicles using the residential streets as a rat run now a regular occurrence.

A residents’ association newsletter, distributed at the weekend, claims that traffic volumes on one street in Addiscombe East ward has increased by more than 40 per cent in the past year, since the introduction of a one-way system which appears to favour neighbouring roads in Addiscombe West.

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BINMAGEDDON!: Council rolls back on costly bins roll-out

Inside Croydon

WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on the latest twist in #CroydonBinChaos

Contractors rolling out 200,000 wheelie bins around the borough. But now they’ve been sent out to take back the unwanted bins from some chosen areas

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others

Just as “Binmageddon” made it into the headlines of BBC London’s radio coverage this morning (including a particularly impressive interview given by Inside Croydon’s loyal reader Arno Rabinowitz), the council’s conduct has gone fully Orwellian.

Addiscombe West’s councillors with Stuart Collins (right) at the time of the announcement of the roll-back of the bins roll-out

The mass roll-out of 200,000 wheelie bins across the borough is being rolled back – but only for some residents in select areas.

Similar appeals for the council to reconsider the new three-wheelie-bins-for-all-households blanket policy from a councillor in another blighted ward nearby, apparently with houses…

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Whelans opens on time, and to praise from a packed house

Inside Croydon

Whelans in South Croydon is a brave and bold venture

After investing £400,000 of private money, a publican has defied the trends and re-opened a pub in South Croydon. Our photo-journalist ARNIE LEIBOVITZ was there on Friday to record the occasion

Austin Whelan is the man that you want to hire to host your event. His impeccable social skills, calm demeanour and infectious smile all lend themselves to creating a warm social environment where Guinness flows and the punters are drawn in for a cold one.

That’s exactly what we experienced on Friday whenInside Croydon visited South Croydon’s newest pub, Whelans.

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