Moorgate…the unresolved tragedy

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I never knew anything about this one.

Why did Leslie Newson not put the brakes on ? ?

STEFANIE BROWNE looks back at the tragic events of February 28 1975, and at the safety measures that have since been introduced

Source: Moorgate…the unresolved tragedy

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Never Say Something’s Finished

Very neat

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

There’s a joke in the model railway world that a layout is never finished. Modellers always find something else to do. Perhaps I should have thought of this when I said in a recent blog that the electrics on Thomas and Sons were complete. A few days after writing the blog, I thought of something else to do.

I’d intended to have a separate control panel for the switches that control the point motors. Then I realised that if I built them into the baseboard it would be tidier and make the layout easier to operate.

So…. I mounted the push to make switches onto a piece of plywood, drilled three 32mm (1¼ inch) diameter holes in the side of the baseboard, and positioned the switches behind the holes.

Finally, I connected the switches to the point motors via a ‘Plug and Socket Connector’ (the blue wires in the photo…

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BWS Update 6: Exit Stage Left (or Right…)

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

The last month has seen intermittent progress on the layout, there have been some massive steps forward but to look at it until today you wouldn’t really have known.

First up, it works! I’ve successfully rigged up my Gaugemaster Prodigy under the layout running to a pair of connection sockets tucked away under each corner of the facia. With decent length leads, this will allow a single operator to get to each end easily, while also allowing 2 people to run things at the same time.

I’ve also finished fitting and setting up my point control servos, using Motrak Models servo mounts that I picked up years ago for a project that never came to fruition. There are 6 signals which will also be controlled by servos, the non connected servo cables being ready for their installation.

With a couple of spare hours today, I took the opportunity to spend…

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Where is the ‘wow’ factor?


My visit to TINGS and the various forum discussions that followed provoked a certain amount of thought.  The NGF threads on the exhibition really just showed that everyone is different, and different people like different things.  So some people disliked the large N-Club modular layouts; others really liked it.

Perhaps one common thread that came out was the large number of ’roundy-roundy’ layouts, basically consisting of a through station with storage loops behind.  Of course, that description covers a wide range of layouts, including the accurate scale representation of Melton Mowbray (North), and the scratch-built diesels and electrics on Burshaw North Western.  And of course the magnificent (and enormous) ‘Fencehouses’ in 2mm finescale is basically a continuous run.  However, they do seem to get a bit ‘samey’ after a while.

There are, however, good reasons for modelling this sort of layout in ‘N’ gauge.

  • Shunting is more difficult (though very much possible)…

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