Labour councillor alleges planning bias for Brick by Brick

Both schemes totally unsuitable for the sites – but what do I know

Inside Croydon

Our housing correspondent, BARRATT HOLMES, on how a Town Hall veteran has broken ranks over some of the council’s inappropriate over-development

Councillor Pat Ryan: suggested bias in the planning system

It is no longer just disgruntled residents, unhappy over the way the council and their slow-motion house-builders, Brick by Brick, are concreting over every scrap of green space in the borough who are questioning the calibre of some of the new housing that is going up.

Now even Labour councillors are beginning to ask awkward questions about how some of the Brick by Brick schemes were ever granted planning permission.

“It’s really debatable whether some of these applications, if they were submitted by a private developer, would be recommended for approval,” Pat Ryan, the veteran councillor for Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood ward, has said this week.

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