Renovations in Purley and Coulsdon deliver five new homes

Inside Croydon

Unwittingly, perhaps, but the brains trust in charge of the council’s housing policy – led by Alison “Nothing To Declare” Butler – have gone out and demonstrated quite how inadequate their over-development policy with house-builder Brick by Brick has become.

This was how the over-grown house on Chaldon Way looked before the council and its partners stepped in

At the end of last week, the council issued a press release to crow about how it had acquired and refurbished two large family homes in the south of the borough, on Foxley Lane and Chaldon Way.

After renovation and conversion, that’s five homes more provided to house families in the borough than Brick by Brick has managed to deliver in three years, and all at a fraction of the multi-millions spent by the council’s house-building arm.

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Quay industrial tanks for use on Canute Road Quay a @Hornby W4 Peckett and an @Hattonsmodels Andrew Barclay, albeit slightly modified…

W4 is a lovely model

GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

Whilst many when asked about Southampton Docks will generally immediately think of the ex LSWR / Southern Railway docks with ex LSWR B4 0-4-0 tanks and later SR USA tanks, however there were a myriad of rail served private docks and wharves in the area including inner and outer docks and those along the River Itchen such as Dibles Wharf, Notham, Britannia and Victoria wharf,  many of which had their own locomotives.

The recent advent of ready to run industrial tanks, that it has to be said are pretty cute really, such as the Hatton’s Andrew Barclay 14″ 0-6-0t and Hornby W4 Peckett 0-4-0t has opened up a few quick win options for use on Canute Road Quay. One thing I like about many of the locomotives used in such private wharves and quaysides is their use of dumb, usually basic wooden blocks, buffers.

The modified Hattons Andrew Barclay…

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Bembridge, Isle of Wight

One of my fav IOW stations


I keep returning to Bembridge, on the Isle of Wight, as a near perfect small branch line terminus.  A scale model fits within 4′ in ‘N’ gauge.

And with the beach directly to the left, a sea backscene would be needed.

The only difficult bit is building the little end-on-line turntable.

Terrier Loco W.9 as operating in Southern railway days, being turned at Bembridge Station
Ronald Shephard Railway Collection
West Sussex Record Office Ref No: 1/25/79

What is there not to like????

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Wells and Walsingham Light Railway August 2018

Lovely line went their many years ago

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

In August our family holiday took us to the north Norfolk coast and my treat was a visit to the Wells and Walsingham Light Railway (WWLR).

I do like the WWLR. The two main locos are 10¼ inch gauge 2-6-0 + 0-6-2 Garratts. It’s easy to describe them like that, but when you stop and think about it a 10¼ inch gauge Garrett is really rather special. On this visit the rostered loco was Norfolk Heroine. Last time I visited it was the sister loco Norfolk Hero. Now I have been hauled by both locos and I can say that I’ve completed the set. (Dangerous train spotter tendencies are emerging here!)

Perhaps the thing I like the most about the WLR is the relaxed atmosphere. The staff are friendly and talkative and the line feels like a sleepy rural line without some of the fancy polish you see on some tourist…

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Labour councillor alleges planning bias for Brick by Brick

Both schemes totally unsuitable for the sites – but what do I know

Inside Croydon

Our housing correspondent, BARRATT HOLMES, on how a Town Hall veteran has broken ranks over some of the council’s inappropriate over-development

Councillor Pat Ryan: suggested bias in the planning system

It is no longer just disgruntled residents, unhappy over the way the council and their slow-motion house-builders, Brick by Brick, are concreting over every scrap of green space in the borough who are questioning the calibre of some of the new housing that is going up.

Now even Labour councillors are beginning to ask awkward questions about how some of the Brick by Brick schemes were ever granted planning permission.

“It’s really debatable whether some of these applications, if they were submitted by a private developer, would be recommended for approval,” Pat Ryan, the veteran councillor for Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood ward, has said this week.

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Croydon missing ‘affordable’ housing target by 1,400 homes

Inside Croydon

Since 2016, less than half of the number of affordable homes have been delivered by developers in Croydon than are required under the Mayor of London’s 40 per cent planning policy targets.

Even Croydon’s Labour council’s house builder is falling short of the 40% affordable housing target

That’s according to research carried out by Green Party London Assembly Member Sian Berry.

Across the whole of the capital over the past two years, Berry reckons that missed planning targets have led to a shortfall of 33,000 affordable homes that have not been built.

In Croydon, where the number of affordable homes built, based on planning permissions granted, should have been 2,450, the actual number delivered is 1,039. That is just 17 per cent of homes that are “affordable”.

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