BWS Update 7: Detailing Underway

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

It’s funny, but when I decided that building a layout for the Cameo Competition was a good idea, the thing I didn’t see being a challenge was providing updates on progress… turns out it’s not as easy as it sounds, and when you’re in the mood to do something layout related it’s normally physical work rather than writing about it… still, I guess if writing about it was the first thing that came to mind I wouldn’t have got very far with the layout!

So with apologies for another longer than planned gap in updates, here is a summary of things that have been going on over the last month or so – the good news is that I have been able to start doing some ‘modelling’ rather than the aspects of building a layout that may be better described as ‘engineering’!

First off, to cover the last of the…

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York 2018: York Minster — Pete’s Favourite Things

The first church on this site was built around 627 AD by the Kings of Northumbria and 100 years later the first Archbishop of York was recorded. The Saxon Church, which had been rebuilt in the 8th century following a fire, was seriously damaged by William the Conqueror’s forces in 1069 during the ‘Harrying of […]

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Uckfield MRC exhibition 2018 #2


I thought that I wouldn’t have to do any shopping at the show, but a scenic stand produced a variety of grass tufts and other bits and pieces for my modules.  Could have been worse, I guess….

I’d seen Dave & Matt Smith’s EM Brighton East before, based on Kemp Town, but assuming that the branch had remained open.  The background buildings are immediately identifiable as Brighton, and there is plenty of interesting modern stock on show.  I wish I had the confidence to stack fiddle yard cassettes like that!


Adrian Colenutt’s P4 model of Leysdown models the terminus of the Sheppey Light Railway.  Built by Colonel Stephens, it was taken over by the SECR, and then the Southern Railway, and survived till 1950.  It’s all very simple, but easy on the eye.


‘The Yard’, mixing ‘O’ gauge and narrow gauge on 16.5mm track, has…

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Midland Six Wheeled Full Brakes — highland miscellany

Although not Highland vehicles, these full brakes have a strong association with the Highland’s branchlines in the post grouping years. Once the LMS took over the Highland’s system in 1923, they seemed to have been horrified by the state of the coaching stock that they inherited! Portions of the Highland’s fleet were speedily retired and […]

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3mm Society, 7mm, Railway

Uckfield MRC exhibition 2018 #1 — esngblog

We’re definitely into the exhibition season now, so last Saturday I drove down to Uckfield for their annual show. This is always one of my favourites, as it is very much a ‘fine scale’ show, usually with lots of quite small layouts and all good quality with no ‘fillers’. This year was no different, and […]

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The Ratcliffe Highway Murders — Stephen Liddell

It’s Halloween and I’ve done a number of related posts on the origins of Halloween, hauntings, the modern day Enfield Poltergeist and of course the infamous Jack The Ripper. Real life figures such as the Victorian poisoner Mary Cotton and figures that merge myth and reality such as Springheeled Jack. Perhaps more horrendous than any of […]

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