Going green and other stories

Good photos


Hello viewers. It’s been a while. Much has happened while I’ve not been posting. Superpower with Bron Hebog was excellent and was a chance for much catching up, meeting new people, and test running models from other sources (Penlowry, Mountaineer Models, and Narrow Planet).

It was also a chance for me to run the disco car again, this time with my 59 van which has had its chassis sorted out though we did encounter coupling height issues (I use RT models coupling height gauge while BH’s standard is a tad different.)

There was interesting things to look at outside too, and also a chance to see behind be the scenes how Bron Hebog films drone footage…

I also managed to collect some ex-Dduallt stock which I happened to be at the right place at the right time to agree to acquire. Having any Boston Largs Works stock is worth having…

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